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WOW! 1:30 P.M. EST 11/12/12 A.J. Forbidden!-!-!

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December 11, 2012 in Activism


I can not “listen” to Alex Jones with this message appearing… 


You don’t have permission to access /news/watch_free/free_to_look_audio.php on this server.

Fluke… Can not get the Listen to Live anywhere, through any sites… I doubt this will post…

Survive-All…   o…   11/12/12

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4 responses to WOW! 1:30 P.M. EST 11/12/12 A.J. Forbidden!-!-!

  1. You seeing the cracks appear like many of us my fellow friend?
    Don’t worry he has been fooling us all….I am waiting for him to give us an answer to all the underhanded tricks that seem to be taking place.
    I will probably get kicked off soon as some already have. Pop over to project nsearch and post..
    Freedom is all we want.

    • Greetings, Copied and pasted on my desk top… “he” The Man?, T.P.T.B. ?… WordPress?… A.J.?… Thanks for the info… Be well… o…

      • Greetings, Started to look into your “nsearch” note, and I have to say I am on the fence on that. Admittedly, I prefer to read more than watch or listen to most anyone. I have not found compelling evidence, especially in this day to form a judgement. I found Glen Canady, who was saying send in your 100 word or less Article, who just went on and on and on, and there was really no evidence, given that was just that, given… Now, a good Journalist does not give out their sources, right? Yes? It seemed His most damning evidence was of an ex employee of “Stratfor”, a computer business with Government Grants (?)… This person no longer works for A.J. as I understand… Have you no military members in the family? Can you, in all certainty, say that you have Never spent time around a Ghost or Spook, even just a useful Idiot? Oh, it was the six degrees of separation… I digress… Back on point… This fellow said, over and over, His “Sources said, or say, Yada, Yada # 6… What does that show me for proof? Nothing, it shows me that like anyone doing this work, they have their hands in the same water with, “Their Sources”… Next, I find it a little off that suddenly, I am immersed in the Bible this and that… Yes, A.J. does that too, but the presentation is usually done under disclaimer. Everyone knows I am a Healer and judge not by any format, I am a “Card Carrying Member of The Native American Church… Iroquois, Mohawk-Member of The Longhouse Medicine Society… So, the message is the important part… Exposing the Global Agenda, and if in duality, people are stuck, and are staying where they can be ahead of the curve connecting the dots for others, great! Oh, the last thing that got me was that I was supposed to “Log in” to make a comment. I do not use a site that wants anything more than my name and password. When they start on home, email, ( Which, I only recently got…) and your 1st born, I am gone! In those admittance formats I feel an Agenda… So I found it a weak or flawed condemnation by someone doing the same thing, biased, in their own words backed by the Judgmental Christian Co Intel Pro, that has been generations in the making. Yet, I will keep an open mind, It was a lot of here “It” comes, and a lot of names thrown around of people I have had no reason to distrust, nor care… Why was Ventura mentioned? Why do they have the same sponsors? Why not go after Matt Drudge? Why not “Activist Post”? They All use each other, Very Bernaysian at its core, any publicity is good publicity… I may lean in another direction some day but, the middle ground is the spirit of the information disbursal… I also found little to bolster this stuff through other avenues of research, not all of the links for this or these people are of positive content, and they, back up their statements… Be well… Survive-All… o… 12/12/2

        • P.S., I think you are right about “Freedom is all we want”… “WordPress” is also like a carousel with its functional nature all over the place, all of the time… They are not helping… Be well… o…

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