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Women in Combat.

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January 28, 2013 in Activism


I thought about this for a couple of days and as usual to see the truth you have to look from the top down.  Reverse engineer what they’re doing. Look where the New World Order wants to be and then look back.  It’s no secret that they want one word army managed by the United Nations and NATO to police the world.  So what has to Happen?  They have to dismantle the American military as is. The soldiers call Afghanistan the hurt locker for a reason. The rules of engagement there are ridiculously levered against them. They capture the same enemy soldier over and over and the command structure lets them go.  Our soldiers have taken the same valleys so many times they sign their names on the rocks so they can talk to each other when they take back the same territory somebody died for the previous week. They take a target, and then ordered to give it back.  We’ve been at war in Afghanistan for over a decade and gained nothing, we marched from France to Berlin in 100 days.  How can this be?  It’s by design.  War only cost the tax payer money.  The military industrial complex is making trillions. They make 4 billion dollars a year from the heroin trade which is flown all around the world in C-130 military transport planes.  Gladamer Putin complained to Hillary Clinton that Russia is being flooded with heroin. Also there is 3 trillion dollars worth of lithium and the Caspian pipe line up for grabs. Money has nothing to do with wealth, but thats another paper.  Afghanistan government had nothing to do with 911.  Even if you do believe the U.S. official story, we’re talking about a small group of illegal aliens hiding in a cave.  Some people are so brain dead they don’t know the difference between  the Taliban and the Al Qaeda.  Felons from Mexico do far more terror to the U.S. than the Al Qaeda ever did.  Yet our southern border is purposefully wide open. I think Americans as a whole consider U.S. military personal a never-ending comity.  Let’s put that into perspective.  I used to be in the Arbor business, Lumberjack.  The guy I teamed up with was a coach at the local high school.  We used young men from the football team to load the logs the truck.  Some of the logs weighed 4-5 hundred pounds and the entire team worked together.  Two out of the ten men we picked from the team would be worth working through the summer.  I mentioned this to the coach and he replied.  “Two out of a hundred.”  I queried.  “Why do you say that?”  He replied.  “At least 400 young adults apply for the football team.  100 might make try outs.  50 might make it to the bench and then 25 might make it to the field.”  So out of 400, 4 of them are man enough to hold a job, and these young men are flagged for the Sheriff’s department and ROTC. If you look at the military casualty list (suicides excluded) you will notice that the wounded or dead is more often that not an officer.  In Vietnam the casualties were usually privates.  Since 911 the Pentagon list the wounded soldiers at 4 million.  When we lose one of these officers we are losing the best out of thousands.  If you look close you will understand that our military officers are an extremely finite resource, and they are being scientifically and systemically eradicated to make way for the United Nation’s, NATO army they want to replace them with.  I’m sure at one point they will re-institute the draft, but eight out ten young adults probably won’t pass the physical.  Four out of one hundred might make officer.  Thats not going to get us very far, and then they will have the excuse they need to restructure our military with NATO troops who don’t mind killing Americans.  So why are the ladies going to the front?  They’re too smart.

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  1. Regardless of what I think, I would like to know what women think!

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