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Whose Side Is Southwest Airlines On?

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November 2, 2015 in Activism


Chances are you have probably seen Southwest Airlines ads for their Transfarency (not transparency, but Trans-FARE-ncy) program where they claim to make more things available for customers to see so that the customers can make sure the airline isn’t trying to screw them over. They often say the 3 words “NOTHING TO HIDE” near the end of the ads after staying that they are “transfarent.” Well, there are a couple things to ponder about this. First of all, is Southwest Airlines revealing any more or less info to its customers than other airlines are? If not, then their “transfarency” program is basically a waste.

But this also raises the question of, “Is Southwest Airlines pro-New World Order or anti-New World Order?”

I ask this because one of the New World Order’s favorite brainwashing tactics to make the general public give up their right to refuse warrantless, probable cause supported search and seizure is to say, “Let us invade your privacy. After all, if you have nothing to hide you have nothing to fear.” If Southwest Airlines was supportive of the New World Order agenda, then we can assume they are doing this so called “Transfarency, Nothing To Hide” campaign as a way to condition the general public into accepting getting their rights violated.

However, on the flip side we can say that if the public servants in the government are not doing anything wrong, then they have nothing to hide from the general public and will be willing to reveal all their secret documents, files, programs, etc. that their masters in the general public can and should know about. So if Southwest Airlines is against the New World Order agenda, perhaps they are doing this “Transfarency, Nothind To Hide” campaign as a way to tease the tyrannical government into not hiding its corruption from the general public.

So which one is the case?!?!?!

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