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When Humans Become Better Then the World Does And It’s Not the Other Way Around

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November 11, 2015 in Activism


Every individual counts, human beings are worth much more to God Almighty than any of the other creatures on this planet. That is not to say that we should abuse earth and the astronomical environment that’s around us for tyrannical reasons. The people who are at the top bureaucratically in a technocratic fashion, with their agenda already underway, have full intentions of dominating the planet and becoming a new species of their own. In that context they’ve already declared all people to be subhuman and were made to be subservient to them but they are so far gone wrong. There is no treaty in this war declared by them because they’ve carried out their lifestyle of fraud in secrecy. Those people have entirely assaulted all life on our only planet earth. The mainstream will push fantasies like forcefully terraforming planets that don’t belong to them when it should be well known the only way to survive as a species is intergalactically. Anything is possible through Christ, better say it loud because the establishment have drawn out plans to and already are undermining humanity.

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