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When A Nation Knows It’s God

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January 24, 2013 in Activism


When a nation knows not its God, those who do evil have prosperity and hope and those who do no evil have fear and trembling.  But when a nation knows its God those who do evil have fear and trembling and those who do no evil have hope and prosperity.   The evildoers are fervently pushing forward their evil agenda because they have hope in it’s success and the power of their prosperity to fund their ambitions. While the meek, the humble and the poor are fearful of the days ahead and trembling and shaking at the harsh cold broke reality that has become their SoSad  (same old shit another day ) lives.

When a nation knows its God, they know that he rules and overrules in all the affairs, systems and kingdoms of men.  They know that their God has a  “heavenly agenda”  that supercedes all the evil plots that manifest as fire in the minds of men.  When a nation knows its God they know that  “all things” are working towards the fulfillment of God’s will, saying; As I live, every knee shall bow before me   When a nation seeks to knows its God they become hopeful and prosperous and the devils tremble and shake.

And that my friend is the big problem for our day.  We know not our God.   I’ve read many posts.articles and comments seeking answers and solutions to our present condition and ways to turn things around. But none of them start with the true source of all our world’s troubles.  Do you know the true source of all the world’s problems?  If you don’t it’s because you know not your God.  We search and we search and we’re never able to come unto the knowledge of the truth, because we acknowledge not the Sovereignty of God and therefore we never ask the right questions.   We look for solutions to the world’s problems but we acknowledge not the “hand of God” shaping world events. For God has said: “behold I create the peace and bring forth the evil, I, the Lord, do all these things”  [paraphrase]  Therefore we scratch our heads when nothing seems to work and our human condition worsens.

Therefore it’s time for us as nation called by his name to turn from the path we are on, to humble ourselves and begin to “seek his face” and he (God) by his power, will cause healing to come upon our Land.

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4 responses to When A Nation Knows It’s God

  1. so which of the 3800 gods of human history do you mean? or is it only your god that is the right one, good odds there on chosing the right one

  2. Good post and I don’t mean to be rude but can you fix the error of “it’s God” to “its God”. The ‘ gives your statement a drastically different meaning than you’re trying to convey.

    • Thank you for the helpful feedback. I will correct the error immediately. Bear with me as my writing abilities improve. I graduated high school in 1975 and have no formal training. I just write what I feel and try to keep it readable. It’s the best I can do. But I do appreciate the positive criticizm and I know that in the multitude of counselors there’s safety and support. Again I thank you…

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