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What are pheromones and how do they work in humans?

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August 8, 2017 in Activism


What are pheromones?

The Pheromones are chemicals that generate living beings in different situations and that would evoke certain responses like sexual attraction. Normally they have been studied in the animals but also these answers and communicative intentions are generated in the human beings according to several recent investigations.

These chemicals act unconsciously through the sense of smell by triggering the sexual attraction of the other. Usually pheromones are secreted in sweat and unintentionally perceived by others through the vommeronasal organ.

It has always been thought that pheromones only acted in animals and had no connection in the human brain, but recent studies have shown that some sexual response occurs when perceiving human pheromones through smell.

It has been shown by experiments that these substances act on human sexual attraction. Since always, bees (among other animals and plants) have been the main example of this communicative effect of pheromones and in the case of humans, homosexual women and men are attracted to testosterone, a male hormone that Influences the reception of pheromones. The same goes for the opposite, except for lesbian women, for whom no study has yet been shown to show that they are attracted to certain pheromones.

How do pheromones work?

According to these studies, the presence of pheromones causes increased cortisol, which causes certain changes in the sympathetic nervous system. The same happens when perceiving the estratetraenol and androstenone, two pheromones generated by certain zones of the human body, and developed in certain perfumes of synthetic form to produce that sexual response, communicative and of attraction.

In this way the increase of the desire and sexual compatibility between two people is developed in an artificial way to provoke that response through the olfactory organ. The impact of these pheromones directly influences and apparently, the human being perceives and interprets them unconsciously.
The presence of these synthetic substances in certain perfumes with pheromones acts in one way or another depending on the sexual orientation of each person. Several studies have demonstrated the efficacy of these perfumes in heterosexual men and women and in homosexual men.

Are there perfumes with pheromones?

One of these perfumes with synthetic pheromones are the fragrances of the range Phiero Perfumes, composed by pheromones that directly provoke that effect of sexual response and attraction. Composed of several such as androstenone, delta 16-OL, A-keto and estratetraenol , they achieve greater adaptation to the environment, relaxing the tension of the new communication situations, generating relaxation, which provides security in the person who Porta and that generates at the same time that attraction towards the person in which you have some interest.

In this way have been included artificially those pheromones normally present in the sweat of people, and now developed in pleasant fragrances. With the daily routine, we eliminate our natural pheromones in each shower and even when applying deodorant we are immediately closing our pores preventing the exit of them. We do not all produce the same amount of pheromones and are usually generated in very small quantities and only act for a short period of time; Hence the need to extend this duration and as a fragrance as the Phiero range develops.

How do pheromones produce effects?

Our nose decides who we find attractive without our knowing why. For a long time, scientists did not find an answer to that question. But now it is known, based on special investigations, that we have, so to speak, a “second nose”.

The vomeronasal organ (OVN) is directly behind the nostrils and is about a thousand times more sensitive than our sense of smell.

The UFO drives perceptions directly to the brainstem. That’s why pheromones are the secret power of hidden exciting odors.

Scientists are convinced that pheromones produce a lasting effect of erotic attraction, of sympathy, influencing the sex life.

The effectiveness of the pheromone is interesting because the partner unconsciously perceives that substance. Small doses of pheromone are enough to provoke in a split second a stimulus in the brain and it is immediately decided whether someone can “smell” it or not.

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