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WH Petition for Alex to Interview Obama?

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January 17, 2013 in Activism


Since Obama has acknowledged Alex’s existence, why not post a White House petition asking the President to grant Alex a 1 on 1 interview? Man to man? Allow the President the opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings, and clarify his positions, since apparently, Alex, and all of his listeners, are merely “conspiracy theorists”, and have a warped view of Reality. I think the President should have the opportunity to review the documentation Alex has, and answer our questions about Bhengazi, Fast and Furious, the 2nd Ammendment, No New Taxes, etc. If Piers Morgan got 100,000+ signatures, this one could probably easily double that.

Here is a petition

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5 responses to WH Petition for Alex to Interview Obama?

  1. Where is the petition? I am waiting to sign it.

  2. Xavier, great Obama impression.

    #10, just listened to a video about how the Illuminati kill anyone who tries to cross the color lines, and bring people together, for real… MLK, JFK, etc. AJ?

  3. Obama’s answers in interview:
    1. Let me be clear….i haven’t been informed about that.
    2. Uh…um…uh….
    3. No comment.
    4. I can’t comment on that.
    5. That’s a national security issue and i can’t comment on that
    6. Look…look…. No comment
    7. listen….Uh ….um…I can’t comment on that
    8. That’s not true…but i can’t comment any further on that.
    9. Let me be clear…. uh um…..that’s just not true, because i said so.
    10. I would tell you, but then you’d have to kill me.

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