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Tool – Third Eye (Salival – Live) Unofficial video

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February 14, 2013 in Activism


Tool – Third Eye (Salival – Live) Unofficial video

Uploaded for pacsteam.org

YouTube Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnF3DVPWSfA&list=PLB86FB16CD021012C&feature=plpp_play_all

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Tool – Third Eye (Salival – Live) Unofficial video

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2 responses to Tool – Third Eye (Salival – Live) Unofficial video

  1. Gave you some props on YT… How is that something epic like this doesn’t have 10 million views yet ? Health and freedom to you & Yours.

    • Most people l know hate me for my honesty and intellect, so I would like to know people like you in person.


      Most people l know want me to be like I was in my younger days where I always was the funny guy, the one who would make huge crowds of people laugh and could do improvised stand-up comedy for hours at the time without end and many times got encouraged to begin doing stand-up for money and things like that, not to talk about people who wanted me to play my music, do more paintings etc. etc. -But I can’t do this, not any more.

      The situation in the world is way too bad, not that I didn’t already knew this at 8-9 years of age, but since I became a father my self in 2003 EVERYTHING in my head have been circulating around the survival of the human race, based on my deepest hope in life to help give my son a chance to live a long, healthy and happy life where he also gets the opportunity and even have the right to get his own children one day. This is NOT going to be possible as it looks now under Agenda 21 aka UN / NATO world dictatorship.

      People, not even my own family is able to wake up from their life long lie.

      If humanity is going to have any real chance against this global dictatorship then we have to reach out to the new generation BEFORE they are completely lost too like even my own generation is.

      Bottom line: Even if people do begin to wake up they CHOOSE the lie in order to continue in the system, they CHOOSE to be slaves.

      I have lost 2 jobs alone for my stand on Aspartame: I am NOT going to serve children, handicapped or old people on nursing-homes things that I KNOW is going to hurt them, that I KNOW is a soft-kill weapon that Rumsfeld bought for Pentagon in 1965, that I KNOW I wouldn’t ever buy to my self or my children like most of the people I worked with that DID serve pure crap for others.

      What is the attitude? That I am not “a team player” ??? Because I do not like death-panels in my country? That I do not want to help murder “the undesirable” because they “costs too much”?

      How much is a human life worth, HOW MUCH? NOT A GOD DAMN THING if you ask the Royal families in charge over the west and VERY SOON the entire world.

      Agenda 21 is REAL, their plan for total control by military force as lined out in PNAC is REAL, it is sickening and I AM NOT GOING ALONG WITH ME AND MY FAMILIES OWN ENSLAVEMENT ANY MORE – PERIOD !!!!

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