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Tips to Help You Choose a Reliable Real Estate Lawyer

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February 28, 2017 in Activism


Whether it is the first time you are buying a home, looking to move downsize, or even move up, choosing the right real estate lawyer can be time consuming and challenging. Here is a list of key things to consider when choosing a real estate lawyer:


Many people will concur to the fact that experience is the most important factor. You can prove this by having a look at the number of the real estate transactions they handle each month. Who else, other that the lawyer you want to hire. The experience of the assistants that are working with the lawyers at Parker Advisors LLC is very important.


The real estate lawyer should focus mainly on residential real estate. Try to find a lawyer who spends 90 percent of his time working in the residential real estate field.


The lawyer you are choosing and their offices should be available to you when you have concerns or questions, and should be able to respond to all your inquiries in time. To be on the safe side, ensure that you make your expectations with regards to availability before signing to work with them. They should as well be available for the signing of closing documents.


Your lawyer should have a good relationship and be registered with your mortgage bank, or lender.

Everything put down in writing

Just like any other document you will read, or sign when buying a home, this should not be different. Ensure that your lawyer provides a written quote for your real estate deal and this includes any additional fees that may come up.

Filing online

Given that majority of real estate transactions are closed electronically, make sure that your lawyer is licensed by the government.

Storage of documents

A professional lawyer should store all your documents electronically. This ensures that your documents will never be lost or shredded, and will be readily available to you when you need them in future.

Title insurance

Ensure that you are hiring a lawyer who has the ability to arrange and obtain title insurance for the transaction. The cost of doing that should also be included in the fees.

Good standing

The lawyer you are choosing should be in good standing with the law society of your country. If you are not sure, you can check their directory or contact the law society directly. Check Parker Advisors LLC.

One thing that was left behind in this long list is price. Everyone will want to go with that lawyer who quotes the lowest rates. The whole process of buying a home is expensive; any you might want to save cash where you can. If you focus much on price, it can be much easier to put on blinders to other, more important factors and this may lead to legal ramifications for yourself later. Price shouldn’t be a deciding factor unless all the other factors are equal, and cost is the only factor differentiating.

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