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they use our love against us

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December 29, 2017 in Activism


Don’t ever trust in the system. It’s all about domination and false security. I admit it that I hate what the world has done to the earth.. as if what they did is worth it. I’m sad as fuck right now because I instinctively know my life here is coming to a close at some point soon. I’d rather die than play along though… Having any burden laid upon one ain’t ever been easy. I don’t want to die but neither would I want to live forever in such a world.

It’s fucked up people see from the outside instead of within. The whole world is a trap which disregards life. So many have tripped for the moment not acknowledging eternity. It’s like every person has fell for the trap… Why else would knowledge be exiled? The world was already fallen, all we’re seeing is the decline.

I didn’t plot out these lines or anything, am basically just exploring my mind in this state. Are wondering when people will get the point of life.. be real man. There’s hardly any reason for me to prove the obvious. The world will be changed forever soon, within days… the very truth about everything will be made clear. It doesn’t matter what happens to me anymore. Knowledge will rule the world.

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