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The INFOWAR Resistance Strikes Back!

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January 7, 2013 in Activism


Alex Jones got it all in tonight on the Piers Morgan Show, every bit of it.  He didn’t pull one punch, he went after Morgan with both gloves flying.

Diffusing Morgan’s cry that Alex was calling for the curtailment of Morgan’s free-speech, even after Morgan leveled his guns at Alex weeks ago.  Alex’s face-to-face free-speech lesson in retaliation shows that free speech works both ways here in the United States… as it used to in Britain … to quote Britain’s own Samuel Johnson, the 18th century author and lexicographer…

“Every man has a right to utter what he
thinks truth, and every man has a right to
knock him down for it.”

Everything Alex has said on the radio show with regard to Piers Morgan, he leveled right to his face, and then more. The attempt by Alan Dershowitz in the post interview “analysis” to tie Alex to some kind of violent fringe movement desirous of killing innocent people, fell flat. It only telegraphs ‘Dersh’s’ own psychological makeup and intent. As the “government” he coddles, arms itself to the teeth in preparation to confiscate of the lawful arms of the American people.

I thought it quite interesting that a Crown representative, Morgan, and a Zionist representative, Dershowitz, would be the ones to analyze the interview with Alex.  Given the recently uncovered Congressional record entry from August 19th 1940, by Representative J. Thorkleson of Montana being explored in this thread presently.

Alex brought up every search term needed for people who were paying attention to get a fuller understanding of what is really going on.  Virtually everything from “9/11/01 to Sandy Hook” was bull-horned.  I’m sure that Morgan’s ratings spiked during this hour.


“The condition upon which God hath given liberty
to man is eternal vigilance; which condition if he
break, servitude is at once the consequence of
his crime, and the punishment of his guilt.”

~John Philpot Curran, July 10, 1790, in Dublin
Irish lawyer and politician,(1750-1817).

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6 responses to The INFOWAR Resistance Strikes Back!

  1. Piers needs to be deported immediately. He can go back home to ‘worship’ his disgusting and nasty queen. AJ kicked limey Piers ass.

  2. I agree, Alex went flying, though he missed answering a key question about “Why do people need guns.”
    There is one point everyone has missed, even alex tonight, when answering the KEY question about “why do people need guns (automatic weapons).” Facing a tyranny today doesn’t mean the same thing as it did back in 1776. Back then it was shot for shot, it took a while to even load their guns, and their weren’t things like laser points or even scopes.
    Let’s face it, today they want to allow you 9 bullets, and if faced with a tyranny today would mean they’d send 18 troops to come invade you, each having a rapid fire weapon with 1470 rounds EACH.
    This,in my opinion, does not constitute “self protection”. Most people call those kinds of odds “suicide”.

    • Watch the interview again… He answers the question twice in the course of the interview…


      • He got a good start on it…..i raised up in my seat went he started saying “TELL HIM ALEX!”, but then was screaming at the TV pretty much the same thing i left in the comment because the point got lost. I know Alex wont sleep great tonight and will be going back in his head and answering the questions all over again (without piers interrupting the answer with another question this time).
        Hey i’m just glad to hear the name INFOWARS on CNN. I’m proud of Alex for being so brave. and yes i think we all know now EXACTLY where Piers and CNN stands now…..which is on the side of tyranny.

      • I think i would’ve fired a question right back at Piers “So let’s say we’re facing a tyranny today.10 government paid and trained militia men show up to your door with Automatic weapons to throw you out of your house and burn everything you own and possibly to kill or imprison your whole family without just cause. What do you want to be armed with to protect your children, Piers? A jelly filled squirt gun?”

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