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The Liberationist Movement: a Modern Alternative to Secession

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November 15, 2012 in Activism


They say “the devil is in the details” and to properly allow this wave of secession petition signing on the White House website to reach it’s ultimate goal, a restoration of our constitutional Republic, every detail needs to be thoroughly scrutinized. So far, everyone who has signed these secession petitions have been labeled “racists” or “anti-Obama” when in reality, we are anti-tyranny and anti-globalist. The term “secession” appears to be of great use to our detractors. It hearkens back to days of slavery and therefore racism. Secession ultimately is not the goal of this new movement. The goal is Liberty and, in order to achieve that goal, we need a strong and organized movement for Liberty using the States as our ally.

A Liberationist movement.

Obama supporters have called for the deportation of anyone who has signed the petition to secede. Leftist columnists are framing the debate to denounce the movement as Mitt Romney supporters angry at his recent loss to Obama. The Main-Stream media are labeling the petitioners as “racists” or “right-wing nut-jobs”. In one article entitled Go Ahead! Secede! columnist Ted McClelland of NBC Chicago states,

“And now that our guy Barack Obama has been re-elected, y’all want to leave again, because y’all can’t stand living in a country dominated by multi-cultural voters and progressive ideas.”

They are labeling us as “angry old white racists” bent on thwarting the rule of their Socialist puppet president. Let’s not fan the flames of their disinformation by calling this movement secession. The last thing we want is for our detractors to associate us with slave owning southern states breaking free of the Union to keep slavery alive.

To call this the Liberationist movement however gives us a new label that isn’t associated with any form of racism. We don’t care that Barack Obama has been elected president of what we consider a globalist infected government. We do not recognize globalist rule as legitimate. We believe Mitt Romney would have been 4 more years of the same policies. Therefore, we must use State nullification power to enact change since we can no longer petition our federal government for a redress of grievances since it is almost the entirety of our government with which we have that grievance.

In order to accomplish this, we need organization. We need a single source for materials we can bring to our elected officials at the state capitals and city halls. We need brochures of information proving the federal government is unconstitutional and outlining a plan these officials can legally and non-violently adopt to stop unconstitutional federal mandates at the state level using state nullification powers. We need to hold these officials accountable to the constitutional oath to which they swore. Thus, the burden of proof will be on the federal government to prove they have not conducted government business unconstitutionally.

We need social media groups for every state with links to these printed materials, a clear outline of our non-violent intents and beliefs, and events posted to swarm the halls of State government with these materials en masse so we can not be ignored. We need leaders like Ron Paul, Edwin Vieira, Jr., Judge Napolitano, and Lew Rockwell to legitimize our quest for constitutional rule and provide a legal basis for our efforts. If we conduct ourselves non-violently, legally, peacefully and ethically than it will force the globalists to show their true nature to try and stop us using undoubtedly illegal, unethical and violent means.

This is a perilous time for the United States. We the People must stand together and use the precious few rights and laws we have left to demand a constitutional form of government at the federal level and our launching point will be the states.

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2 responses to The Liberationist Movement: a Modern Alternative to Secession

  1. You have to start somewhere to unite the masses.

  2. We need to get real. The other side include rino republicans and liberal democrats. They are not afraid to violate our civil rights to achieve their end result. Think, if you are independent in your living, they want you dependent on government. If you are armed and able to defend yourself, they want us disarmed and helpless. People, it will come down to the fact that the communist, liberals and rino republicans can create any oppressive law they want. WILL YOU OBEY??? WHEN WE STAND UP AND SAY NO! WILL THEY COME AFTER ALL OF US AT ONCE? Stop wasting time with secession movements because they are going nowhere! Form a real opposition movement based on the BILL OF RIGHTS!!!!!

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