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January 28, 2013 in Activism


After seeing all the people on TV advocating gun control recently, i had to ask “What do all of these people have in common?” I was surprised to find out the were mostly Jewish. It seems to me that all the names associated with trying to destroy our constitution are jewish!  And the list is only growing – and I’m sure if you’re reading this you can add to this list. (do so in comments)

Rahm Emmanuel
Dianne Feinstien (raised Catholic, with jewish last name, repeatedly submitting bills to disarm the US citizens)
Buzz Bissinger
Barney Frank
Louis Michael Seidman – Video from CBS
Cuomo (not jewish, though huge supporter of Jewish population who disarmed NY)

And now to find out that CNN is run by Jews and Piers Morgan has been trying to push their agenda…. One has to ask themselves “Ok just what in the heck is going on?”  Jewish Problem.com  - Piers Morgan Tries to Please His Jew Bosses at CNN – Fails Miserably!

Even stranger this morning during Good Day (doug Stephan) on GCN  which hosts INFOWARS is a commercial for a guy named Peter Greensberg (Jewish) advertising for places to celebrate the Chinese new year….(why is this jewish/chinese connection all over the place?)

So what’s going on….are the American Jews selling us out to China by borrowing money through the world banks, while living like kings and giving up our land and property as collateral? Are they promising China they will disarm us in exchange for money so we can be overrun by china later? Why was China so voiced in ‘disarming Americans’? What are the ties from all of this to the war between Israel and Syria?

Why does infowars seem to be avoiding this issue when the evidence is all right there? THESE are THE questions that need to be ANSWERED NOW by ALEX JONES and INFOWARS.COM!




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  1. @ifree
    “Is it just me, or are you constantly putting one group against another. Men against women. Jews vs non-jews ? It’s just a trend that imho is a bit disturbing. Try to find what we have in common, the good within us all, rather than focusing on a few bad apples and denigrating entire races and sexes. The collectivists hate humanity and they use similar tactics to denigrate their opponents.”

    Um, that’s like saying if someone makes a movie with good guys and bad guys, that the director was just pitting one group against the other. Sorry you found this disturbing. I pointing out what i’m finding in common with the people who are causing the problems and popping up in INFOWARS headlines because of the BAD they are doing. I am no more guilty of anything than any reporter on INFOWARS.

    And you should read the bit about the sexes again…The only things i pitted against anyone in that write up was pitting citizens against their responsibilities.

    I would love to post more GOOD NEWS about what’s going on in the world, but i hate to tell you, THERE IS A LOT OF BAD THINGS GOING ON RIGHT NOW which isn’t being paid attention to because people people “only want to see the good” and ignore the bad. And yes someone is responsible and should be held accountable for the bad.
    I’m looking for answers as well as anyone else and i will keep pointing out facts until i get some, whether they come from doing the research or whether they come from someone else.

    Since yours is the only negative response i’ve gotten then yes it must be JUST YOU.

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