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Texas Succession Now – A Platform for Freedom

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November 12, 2012 in Activism


It’s time for Texas to break away from the criminal republic. The following is a platform that texas or any free state can adopt to succeed:

1) Registration and confirmation of legal residency and prior citizenship of the USA. The very first act will be to define who are the legitimate citizens and produce secure ID cards and standards for verification

2) Fines for being illegal within the state will be exponentially severe. Members of other states who do not apply for a residence visa first can be severely fined. Illegal Aliens who are caught face 30 day first offense, one year second offense, and ten year third offense prison terms. Most will wake up after the first thirty days in prison. Others will self deport

3) No residents of the state have to pay Federal Income tax or be subject to any federal laws. Instead a flat 10% tax on income is to paid to the state directly. Corporations with earnings over one million dollars have to pay an alternative minimum tax of 1% of earnings or standard corporate rates, which ever is greater. This will stop the huge companies from avoiding all tax.

4) New companies with earnings below 500,000 a year will be sheltered from all taxes for a period of ten years.

5) The state will issue new currency backed by gold and silver. Banks will be kept to a strict 1:4 reserve requirements and NO banks will be allowed to break glass-steagall laws.

6) The state will reform health care two ways. First a free Medical school will be establish for the highest scores on the entrance exam. All graduates must serve in the free clinic system set up around the state. All state residents will be entitled to basic free medical care and will have a pool set up for low cost catastrophic care.

7) The state will build new low income housing consisting of concrete single story 10×15′ rooms with a small simple bathroom shower and kitchen. All floors will be concrete. All low income housing will have armed guards and all residents will be subjected to random inspections for drugs.

8) The state will announce a citizens rebate from profits of approximately 15,000 a year each year and adjusted annually. All citizens with incomes below 100,000 a year may claim the full amount and below 200,000 a year may claim half the amount. There are no welfare programs, food stamps, disability or any other assistance programs. This will greatly reduce bureaucratic costs.

9) The state must operate the budget without debt and with the intent of turning a profit each year to cover the citizens rebate which will be about 20 billion dollars a year.

10) All tolls on highway will be abolished

11) The state will adopt a standing army ou

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