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Tangy Tangerine Improvements

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December 20, 2012 in Activism


Hi All,

I want to start by saying, I love Tangy Tangerine for its health benefits.  It helps me get over sickness, and is really good for a boost the day following extra hard labor.  However, it is really hard to choke down.   I’m not a fan of Tangy, Sour, nor the aftertaste of Astevia.  I wrote Majestic Earth an email last week with suggestions on making the product better, such as using crystallized agave nectar, or making a version for those of us who aren’t allergic to bee products, like crystallized honey.


I got a short response from a fella named “Stu” saying that he would forward the email to “corporate” and that they don’t usually entertain suggestions from their customers.


Whether or not everyone agrees with me about the taste of the product, or ways it could be improved- the fact that this corporation has gotten too big for its britches (as we say around here) is a problem. Seems to me that this corporate giant needs cut down to size.. and as my brother Larry Pinkney would say, “All Power To The People”.  If you feel the same way, send the folks over at Majestic Earth/Youngevity an email to the following email addresses-




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3 responses to Tangy Tangerine Improvements

  1. It’s something you have to get use too, it took me about a week and now I love it. Try mixing it with Orange or Cranberry Juice; it cuts out a lot of the mineral taste you get with water. It beats gagging on a bunch of pills everyday which no one enjoys.
    Maybe you should revisit it?

  2. They simply need to offer a product without the flavor, so we can add our own.

  3. I FEEL THE SAME WAY!!! The product is so sweet I will never reorder. I was extremely hard to get down, I only used 1/2 of what I was supposed to use for my body weight, it was terrible. Whoever test this before market needs to understand that it is a major turnoff, affecting sales and reorder.

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