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December 12, 2012 in Activism


i write for 20 blogs.
i am a animator, http://darkatheart6.blogspot.com/ a artist, http://christopherstokes1.blogspot.com/ i like taking pictures http://christopherphoto.blogspot.com/ and i wite for a few News Blogs http://newsjustforyou1.blogspot.com/ and http://iamawake1.blogspot.com/ and please show a little support for a fellow freedom fighter share a page, read a page whatever you can do would greatly help

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  1. I keep forgetting to let you people know about a method of communication, which cannot be intercepted by anyone, other than the intended recipient.
    Using a laser pointer at one end and a solar panel to receive and visa versa, private communication can be achieved (Line-of-sight (LOS)), with clear weather… This YouTube video is in french but by watching it, you’ll understand most of it anyway… If you think you need more detail, then find someone who understands French or Canadian French, to interpret it… Someone with a background in electronics would also be helpful… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QN1X6vXA-Y0&feature=share&list=PLEE9A6A16EE204419

    Good luck and please forward this to other groups, who could benefit by it…


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