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Summer travel with your pet

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May 16, 2017 in Activism


Summer time is fast approaching and EmotionalSupportPet.com has made it easier than ever to fly with your pet.! Any household dog or cat can be your emotional support animal. Once you have an emotional support animal letter for your pet airlines cannot charge you any additional fees to fly. Your pet is also permitted to fly cage free and sit on your lap (provided this can be done safely) or if your dog/cat is bigger then at your feet.

With summer temperatures quickly approaching we suggest you bring extra water for both you and your pet and plan ahead. Most airports will have a pet relief area but some may be difficult to find, especially if you haven’t been to a particular airport before. And it’s also a good idea to limit your flying time to fewer than 4 hours which most domestic flights will be under.

It is also possible to travel internationally with your pet. The biggest limitations are the length of the flight and the customs rules of your destination country. So, you may want to check with customs to see if there is any additional paperwork needed when entering their country.

The staff at http://www.emotionalsupportpet.com would like to wish you and your pet safe travels. For more information about emotional support animal letters please visit our website below

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