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Stop Using the System!! Economic warfare, we can win.

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February 11, 2013 in Activism


There is a simple idea out there amongst many of the people I talk to, and from many of the articles/videos that I see. It is the Idea that if power is obtained through our enslavement to the dollar (our abillity to meet our needs), then the cure to our enslavement is to quit fearing the the loss of the dollar. We have to realize that we really are good at the core, no matter what they have pinned to you, or forced you to define your self as, through their controlled expression of words.

You have to come out of the fog a little further. Its not enough to see the Fog, and know that you are surrounded. Its not enough to see the Fog, and turn on the fog lights so that others see you. The only way out of this Fog is to begin moving down the road. That translates into action.

What does this action look like when you begin down the path? Well, you walk into the bank, and withdraw all of your money, shut down all lines of credit (obviously not your house, or car, but pay those off early). You as a small business begin to talk to others who own their companies, and you get them to agree to quit feeding federal tax to the Government. You get your State to come together and tell the Federal Government that it has no rights to your labor, or the fruits of its produce. You begin to set up local programs for farmers, (animal, and produce), to ship within your State, and produce within your State enough food to support its populace.

Make sure that the State you live in has a collapse program in place, so that power stays active, water stays active, and that no person can be thrown from their home for the economy collapsing on them. Refuse the banks access to the property you inhabit, and maybe have the State take ownership of the land, and re-write your property purchase so that you are now buynig your land frome the state, and the banks are no longer capable of earning from you at that level as well.

Think about it, how can a bank take the property from you when the police/malitia/military refuse to enforce the will of these people? Its like taking your stolen car back, it was your from the gate, and you knew it. Apply this concept. You need to do so now, because the guys who own your debt do not care if you are the enforcer, or the one being forced to submit by the enforcer class. All of us burn the same.

What happens when we do this? We remove the banks from the equasion of every day life. We crash every business’ they have ever backed with big bank money, crushing the power they have to pay mercanary police to enforce their will upon us. It will take to long with too little results to attempt to change the hearts of a current police force that is already morally comprimised the moment the badge is on their chest. So you have to take away the only thing causing them to serve, the money. The Good cops will stick to it regardless of the pay. The cream will rise to the top. We have many Soldiers, many Sherrifs, that will be there helping us keep order in the chaos.

We have all seen the reports, read the testimony of many a serviceman. You are being told day in, day out, you are not alone, the support is there. How much longer will you be a willing participant in the slavery of your self, your child, your mother, your neighbor? How much longer do you think you have?

Collapse them. Win them at their own game, we know the names of the families involved. We could make it so they never have a safe haven, and that all their supposed wealth would be for nothing. They  will have no new offspring, and not be able to leave their property, and woman would willingly give her womb to bear the fruits of monsters. Within a generation these freaks of nature would be gone. Sent to a hell of their own construction.

But you have to ACT, and you have to do it SWIFTLY. Will you loose your internet for a while? Maybe. The abillity to fuel your car? Maybe. But what happens after our controlled collapse is completely up to us to design. That is the power that thes sick people do not want you to realize, and take into hand. You have your chance, so whats it gunna be?

I am not the smartest man, nor the most wise, nor the most moral. I am just a guy who sees his child as something far greater than a slave. She is a Queen, She is a President, She is the one who cured cancer, and Aids, she is the one who has the potential to climb to hights not even the most enlightened man could fathom. How do I as a father continue to serve as a slave only to ensure her to be forced into the same dreamless, wakeful nightmare that I now reside?

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3 responses to Stop Using the System!! Economic warfare, we can win.

  1. To totally cut the banksters off the teat of the populous, we must stop using the currency they create from our debt. Join a barter/exchange club or start one of your own: https://www.community-exchange.org/

  2. Sounds great, however we are a divided people and half of us are asleep. The welfare people I have talked with see no end to their give me way of life. The retired military with their double dip retirement system will never believe that their entitlements will ever end. I have attempted to discuss with these groups many times the financial disaster that looms over us. Their response is the same, it won’t happen, we are too strong, the world needs us and on and on. The crash, and the horror that will follow is the only thing that will both save us and destroy many of us. Remember the quote of the U.S. army officer in Vietnam, “We had to destroy the village in order to save it.” That describes our current economy which is leading to a loss of our rights. Way to many people I talk to say, “It can’t happen here!” they continue using smart phones and facebook! Cows, sheep and chickens get led to slaughter! Wolves, bears and coyotes have to be hunted. Make your choice!

    • Yes, I agree entirely that the welfare class of people are going to be hit hardest. Many will actually die. This is going to happen even if we sit back and allow the system to die the way it has been lead to. What I am suggesting is taking controll of it, and that means the working class doing so. As the time gets closer, the message I hope will get easier to convey, as the walls close in making it harder to ignore. We dont repeat the message for the bennefit of those who listen and agree, but for the purpose of beating down the resistance of those who who hear but disbelieve. It is my hope that through insistant perseverance that we will win. That we will overcome the programming, and rebuild the system for us, out of the wreckage, and record this event as it happened so we can prevent a possible future relapse.

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