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Show of Power: Destroy and Dismantle CNN

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February 25, 2013 in Activism


Deport Piers Morgan Round 2. If the whitehouse wants to deny us, lets sign another petition of 100k signatures to deport him. In the petition we need to include his attacks on the constitution, his current involvement in a hacking scandal, and his history of falsifying war pictures. Demand that he be immediately deported for trial. If 100k American citizens are denied again to deport a NON citizen they dont agree with, then we need to protest CNN until he is. They take it as a joke. It shouldn’t be. If 100,000 citizens want 1 non citizen to leave the country, they should have to leave. I personally call cnn daily and clog their tips line with my comments. I signed my oath to God to defend the constitution from all enemies….and this guy isn’t even a domestic enemy. Case closed.

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