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Recieve Victory

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August 30, 2013 in Activism


Resistance we are united, goal freedom from oppression. The globalists want to decimate humanity yet we want the opposite so all may flourish through restoration of liberty and justice. Get upset about oppressors, stand up against tyrants! Be alive, we are the Republic! The truth never fails, take heed join righteousness. Desolation is the result of wickedness. Redemption is the fruit of repentance. Love is the drive of mankind, God tests your heart and mind. The faithful eternally triumphs, we can manifest certain Victory that God gracefully provides. Will we be successful? That’s determined by faith.

Activism for Love, Earth Belongs to Good. Fight for God! Victory within

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4 responses to Recieve Victory

  1. I am not very religious, my beliefs are foremost faith based. Alex Jones and I as well as most of his listeners have Christ as our Lord and Savior. If you really think we deserve death for wanting to become better people and improving the world through liberty then your own words have condemned you. As I’ve already told you our faith is not irrational. Why do you ignore the facts about these planets of our solar system?

  2. I usually refrain from entering into an argument, but you my friend are making some strong accusations and assertions that encompasses every infowarrior with a belief in God. It amazes me how you see religion as detrimental to the movement towards freedom, yet you espouse your atheism (your religion) and your system of beliefs to condemn the beliefs of others. Be a man and debate your beliefs with those who you believe have detrimental and self destructive beliefs. Don’t cast a net of religion over all of us and cast us aside as being worthless and harmful. Most of us here walk by Faith and not by some proscribed religious practice. You may have beliefs that lead you to conclude that we are harmful to the movement. This I can respect. But there are those of us here that have beliefs to the contrary. Let us argue and debate our beliefs like honorable men and refrain from maligning one another.

  3. All of humanity who wants liberty and justice for all are this movement. You should be ecstatic so many Christians are willing to sacrifice their lives for the greater good. We don’t force religion upon anyone but we sure do have the right to preach. Hatred of good is a terrible thing my friend…

  4. My bad, this was supposed to be a reply to Cyberat.

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