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real equality

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November 7, 2017 in Activism


That’s in love for one another. Everyone here is of the same earth. Pure nature was always holy since the Creator created all of what’s natural. This written history and what’s left of it doesn’t go back very far. Humans weren’t cavemen for millions of years. The earth responds with ultimate intelligence. She is omnipresent and feels everything people have done… fully aware of it all. The world really never stood a chance, they’re just mad.. not even loving anyone.

The equality is everyone on earth loving. What’s natural the Creator made… the world is artificially based and the earth is natural. It’s not as complicated as they make freedom seem. It’s one thing to opt into society but they make it mandatory. So how could I be free if there were no option..

Gotta make the choice of your life. Will you stay in slavery or raise up in freedom? The world has always meant us harm and never intended on keeping their word. So basically the whole system is a trick. Without the contract their game is nothing at all. Freedom is simply of the earth. Who really gives life? Don’t expect the government to protect you from themselves.

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