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Pursue Justice

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December 27, 2012 in Activism


Amos 5:7-24
Good News Translation (GNT)

7 You are doomed, you that twist justice and cheat people out of their rights!

8 The Lord made the stars,
the Pleiades and Orion.
He turns darkness into daylight
and day into night.
He calls for the waters of the sea
and pours them out on the earth.
His name is the Lord.
9 He brings destruction on the mighty and their strongholds.

10 You people hate anyone who challenges injustice and speaks the whole truth in court. 11 You have oppressed the poor and robbed them of their grain. And so you will not live in the fine stone houses you build or drink wine from the beautiful vineyards you plant. 12 I know how terrible your sins are and how many crimes you have committed. You persecute good people, take bribes, and prevent the poor from getting justice in the courts. 13 And so, keeping quiet in such evil times is the smart thing to do!

14 Make it your aim to do what is right, not what is evil, so that you may live. Then the Lord God Almighty really will be with you, as you claim he is. 15 Hate what is evil, love what is right, and see that justice prevails in the courts. Perhaps the Lord will be merciful to the people of this nation who are still left alive.

16 And so the Sovereign Lord Almighty says, “There will be wailing and cries of sorrow in the city streets. Even farmers will be called to mourn the dead along with those who are paid to mourn. 17 There will be wailing in all the vineyards. All this will take place because I am coming to punish you.” The Lord has spoken.

18 How terrible it will be for you who long for the day of the Lord! What good will that day do you? For you it will be a day of darkness and not of light. 19 It will be like someone who runs from a lion and meets a bear! Or like someone who comes home and puts his hand on the wall—only to be bitten by a snake! 20 The day of the Lord will bring darkness and not light; it will be a day of gloom, without any brightness.

21 The Lord says, “I hate your religious festivals; I cannot stand them! 22 When you bring me burnt offerings and grain offerings, I will not accept them; I will not accept the animals you have fattened to bring me as offerings. 23 Stop your noisy songs; I do not want to listen to your harps. 24 Instead, let justice flow like a stream, and righteousness like a river that never goes dry.



This scripture reveals a strong parallel between ancient Israel and modern day America. It is clear that God states every man must be bound to uphold justice ensuring righteousness flows plentiful or there shall be dire consequences for all people of this land.
“Hate what is evil, love what is right, and see that justice prevails”

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  1. The Bible. Is. Awesome. God and His angels are with us… and according to Dr. Bruce Goldberg even chrononauts from our future. :O How cool are they! that they would risk everything to better the timeline. I can’t imagine why or how but they are awesome too. The Heavens are watching… and the billions of people in the future. We should be very humbled to live in such an important time of human history.

    All those who have been judged and know you’ve been judged. You had your chance to repent. Independent journalists have been warning about the nwo for a long time. The devil thinks he can take ownership of the world? hah! We are sovereign beings and nothing can take that away from us… regardless of your paper derivatives and money games.

    Listening to Coast, some guy talking about the ‘giants’ … *sigh* I’m a Bible layman and I even know that just means nephilim. He should look at some Chuck Missler. If he wants to find out what a nephilim looks like I recommend he look here.

    Of course to anyone who doesn’t like God’s judgement they will skew it to make it seem like it is the work of ‘evil’ against them. The evil guys seem to take delight playing on the tendency of Christians to jump up and point fingers at their peers. They just throw in a word here, a word there. Thankfully God is omniscient and can preempt those psychotic freaks.

    We win :) God wins.

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