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Poster Contest: Save Self Defense

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December 31, 2012 in Activism


Anyone else think its time to post a call for self preservation among all lawful individuals to proudly announce they own and will always own firearms as free people?  As a peaceful protest and acknowledgement of the facts a nationwide campaign of posters protecting everyone’s right to self defense and possibly trial by jury.  With the NDAA passing maybe we should just have a boiled down Bill of Rights and how they are given to all free men not by our government, and not the constitution.

Some Slogans:

Save our Guns, Save Self Defense, Save the 2nd Amendment, The 2nd protects the first, More Guns= Less Crime, 30 million gun owners shot no one today

From a history of the poster contests from my perspective they have been very successful.

The first poster contest I remember was the antivaccine contest, which I did in my area (and got them all taken down within a week).  But it was very successful from what I remember, very few of the avian flu shots were used and many people who were supposed to be mandatory didn’t happen.  Also there were many news stories about the dangers and ineffectiveness of vaccines.

The next one was the Obama Joker poster contest.  Which caused the Obama Joker meme to skyrocket and Obama’s popularity to decline.  Unfortunately they let out the capture of Osama bin laden which caused his popularity to rise.  Then the Obama Dictator contest once again was successful.

I think the most successful though was against a specific mandatory requirement before it became law, like the vaccines. There might be something in the public’s perspective that makes it harder for them to accept changing a law rather then changing something that’s recommended.

So before this becomes law like the healthcare bill I would really like to see a Poster contest to save our guns.  this could be a huge nationwide event that I would definitely help in any way possible.  I would like to donate to a moneybomb for the contest, or just go to Kickstarter.com to fund it, or just don’t have any money attached to it either recognition in some way like the military gives purple pieces of cloth for almost dying in combat.


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  1. Personally, I just think it’s time to get rid of the entire government, and start from scratch!
    I say there should be a poster with a picture of the Constitution, reading the following passages:

    “The U.S. Constitution is NOT up for DEBATE!”

    (Don’t like the way it was written? TOUGH SHIT!)

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