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Pop Culture Mayhem By Mainstream Attempt To An Extreme Extent

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November 12, 2015 in Activism


The lies being perpetrated against the United Stated by our so-called leadership have turned into a more tyrannical nature as this country’s fore founders had warned of. Having a central bank doesn’t bring currency security, wicked people designing and over running a monetary system is the biggest threat any sophisticated nation can take on. Now a military industrial complex that was controlled by a few technocratic elites which president Eisenhower had warned us about has long before already come to fruition fueled by the irony of the fake ‘fed’ that has in act since 1913. Far too long have we put up with this mess that’s been placed before us. This is why evil people despise the unborn are because anyone can wise up to them and make the difference. It’s the reason they want everyone focused on false realities is what any wicked system depends upon which is why people need to be connected with nature. Truth is the most important potent aspect of reality. If we don’t cherish love than nothing else could really matter. What’s real is best recognized or else what’s the point? Really, we can become much greater as a human species but do you really thirst for it? There have been, are and will be many earths like our; greater or less. Life ultimately thrives on the same by heavens stature.

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  1. What I originally meant to say is pop culture shouldn’t be based upon ego statistical bullshit that doesn’t actually apply to life so couldn’t matter much after the end of what’s earth. Really all that needs to pop up most in culture is what’s good and all that’s the truth. You see, life is what matters most of all. With the bountiful technologies at hand everyone humble could be living life much more simply and more nearer to being self sufficient in order to increase the appreciation of freedom individually. In our apprehension of wisdom humanity can become a lot more in tune with nature. Our environment depends upon the earth and the wonderful cosmos that we’re immersed in. Love creates the best outcome when truly alive better thrive.

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