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Photo printing on canvas: what is it exactly?

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November 24, 2017 in Activism


The photo on canvas is simply a printing technique that can put a picture of a painter on a canvas. There are prints of large format canvas to best meet your expectations and to allow you to highlight your walls with a personal shot and decorated in a very original and refined. It is possible to find a large number of sites that offer to make your pictures on canvas with different formulas.

Photo printing technique on canvas

The fabrics used are most often made of linen or cotton. This canvas is then coated with glue that will be used to plug some holes and to make the surface completely smooth and homogeneous. The canvas, which is used for digital Canvas Prints, has a weight between 300 and 450 gr / m². We must not believe that the grammage has a consequence on the quality of the print because it is about a precise technique implemented to have a result of high quality. The photo is then printed directly on the canvas using different types of ink so that it impregnates the best and the details stand out. It is therefore possible to use aqueous inks or solvent inks. It should be known that water-based inks (aqueous are more sensitive and absolutely need an absorbent surface to give a good result). It is therefore necessary to put a waterproof coating on the canvas to use this technique.

The canvas mounted on a wooden frame

As for a painting, the photo on canvas is mounted on a wooden frame for the tender and is chosen according to your preferences because you can find different sizes. Most of the time, the landscape or marine format are used to have a beautiful rendering but also because, for digital printing techniques, it is simpler and less expensive.

A beautiful table to own at home

The photo print on canvas is a beautiful picture to own at home to highlight a personal shot and to keep it for many years. You will have the impression of owning the painting of a great artist on one of your walls and all your guests will be captivated by this object of decoration. It’s also a nice gift to give to someone close to you.

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