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Pest control in the garden

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July 9, 2017 in Activism



In our offer to control or eliminate these creatures and diseases that damage or destruction of our crops, we must look to improve the environment to attract the natural enemies, assist us in our task. There is, of course, a long-term approach, but one that can only benefit both the environment and ourselves. Organic gardening relies on several overlapping strategies rather than kill the power of a single highly toxic chemical that pests. We have the plague natural enemies such as ladybugs, lacewings, spiders and tiny parasitic wasps. Many beneficial insects feed on garden pests nectar and pollen for food must during part of their lifecycle. Growing a year-round supply of suitable flowers near will continue the insect population throughout the year. Keep the insectivorous birds visit your garden by providing them with safe nesting sites safe hiding places for frogs and hedgehogs.

I have some of the pests we are likely to encounter when growing vegetables, but with good agricultural practices, good attitude, crop rotation, and vigilance, we can get most, if not all included overcome.

Aphids (greenfly, blackfly, etc)

These little creatures are the most common pests in the garden, and most plants, including vegetables, are likely to attack by one or more species of aphids. Aphids feed by sucking the plant from a SAP and assembled there by hundreds and thousands in some cases. At the tender growth, they can quickly suck the life out of the plant, or at least the growth stunt and distort them. To add this can also transmit viral diseases that can often wipe an entire crop.

Keep a watchful eye out for the little people; a few individuals can quickly multiply into a swarm especially when the weather is warm. The Black Bean Aphid is on beans, beetroot, and spinach. You must read precisely the carrot Aphid because its color is almost identical to the leaves of the carrot. The cabbage aphid is grayish white and is closely in colonies on the leaves and stems packed not only of carbon but are Brussels sprouts and cauliflower. Once this accesses them penetrate into the inner leaves of the heart making the plant inedible.


Many people discover that the control of aphids and other pests in the general administration of the country, the enrichment of the soil and a good attitude is to clear away debris and waste after harvest crops, weed control, to support all the many controlling pests. However, a garlic spray or a weak application of soap should insecticidal help sapsuckers eliminate them. You can try Pest Control Pro Jupiter FL for a better solution.

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