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Our tips for choosing the right paint color for your building

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August 2, 2017 in Activism


Did you know that some people can hear colors? This is called synesthesia. It is a neurological phenomenon that affects 1% to 20% of the population according to studies. This ability allows those who have the sense to combine several of them. They can see music or perfumes, perceive emotions in color or even see the time passing.

It is easy in these conditions to choose the right color of paint to dress up the walls. For others, the task is sometimes a real headache.

Here are some tips for those who do not make up their minds when it comes time to paint her living space.

Start with small spaces

Starting with small parts such as the bathroom or a small corridor, you will have less pressure. See it as an adventure and enjoy yourself. Take a piece of scenery that takes your heart and go with it to make your color choice.

Think about your mood

Without being a synaesthete, it may be that certain colors you speak more than others. Often said that warm, bright colors encourage sociability. The blues and deep greens, in turn, give a more formal atmosphere when mixed with neutral colors. So remember the atmosphere you want for each room when you choose a color.

Pay attention to lighting

Depending on the light that hits your walls, the colors do not appear the same way. The light from an incandescent bulb will do effect to highlight the yellow and warm shades of neon while a light blue your walls.

Test of the first color

Once a color choice is the best way to reassure you have to test it. Take a sheet of painted color and put it on the wall you want to paint. This will give you an overview that will motivate you to continue or rather to change.

Get inspired pieces that you like

Houzz, Pinterest and decorating magazines are your best allies for the task, but do you think of your favorite movies? Here are some selected films that are sure to inspire you:

Gatsby the magnificent
The fabulous destiny of Amelie Poulain
Eat Pray Love
Bye Bye Love

We hope these tips will be helpful in choosing the right color of paint. Do not hesitate to contact our professional painters for more tips!

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