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opt out from data surveillance program

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June 24, 2013 in Activism


Opt out of PRISM, the NSA’s global data surveillance program.

Stop reporting your online activities to the American government with these free

alternatives to proprietary software.  more

Proprietary Free alternative Notes

Email services

  • Google Gmail
  • Microsoft Outlook.com
  • Yahoo! Mail
  •                  Autistici/Inventati                 A full range of free, privacy-aware services.                   approval-required
  •                  Bitmessage                 Encrypted, decentralized email server.                   beta
  •                  Riseup                 Secure and private email accounts.                   invite-only
Bitmessageis a promising alternative to email, but it’s is not ready for daily usage. Use at your own risk.Riseup is hosted in the USA. It’s also beginning to offer VPN, chat, and etherpadservices.Why not Hushmail? See “compromises to email privacy”.

The only way to have full control over your email is to run your own mail server. This is not for everyone though, as it requires considerable time investment and technical knowledge.

While not complete yet, the FreedomBox project is aiming at creating a turnkey solution for encrypted communications.

Email desktop clients

  • Apple Mail
  • Microsoft Office Outlook
  • Novell Groupwise
  •                  Mozilla Thunderbird                 Open source email application.
  •                  Claws Mail                 Lightweight email application with GPG support.
  •                  Evolution                 Free email and calendar application with GPG support.
  •                  Icedove                 Free version of Mozilla Thunderbird.
  •                  KMail                 KDE email client with GPG support.
Here is a guide to encrypting your email with Thunderbird, GNU Privacy Guard (GPG), and Enigmail.Note: Mozilla Thunderbird is technically not completely free software, as Mozilla recommends non-free add-ons on their website.

Proprietary Free alternative Notes

Operating system

  • Apple OS X
  • Google Chrome OS
  • Microsoft Windows
  • TrisquelFSF endorsed, user-friendly GNU/Linux distribution.
  • DebianPopular ethical GNU/Linux distribution.
  • FedoraFast, stable, powerful GNU/Linux distribution.
  • Linux MintComfortable and easy to use GNU/Linux distribution.
  • Liberté LinuxLive CD/USB designed as a communication aid in hostile environments.
  • TailsLive CD/USB aimed at preserving your privacy and anonymity.
Apple, Google, and Microsoft are a part of PRISM. Their proprietary operating systems cannot be trusted to safeguard your personal information from the NSA.This leaves us with two free alternatives: GNU/Linux and BSD.GNU/Linux has a much larger community to help you with the transition. It’s recommended that you begin your explorations by looking for a GNU/Linux distribution that suits your needs.Why not Ubuntu? Ubuntu is a poor choice because it containsspyware.

Note: PRISM Break recommends the no-codecs edition of Linux Mint, as the other editions are encumbered with software patents.More info.

Android OS

  • Google Android
  • Google Play
  • CyanogenModAftermarket firmware for Android devices.
  • ReplicantFully free Android distribution.
  • F-Droid logoF-DroidFree and open source app store for Android.
CyanogenMod licensing: “CyanogenMod does still include various hardware-specific code, which is also slowly being open-sourced anyway.” —WikipediaF-Droid is a free alternative to the Google Play app store.


  • Apple iOS
iOS is insecure, and unfortunately there aren‘t a lot of free encryption apps available for iOS either. It‘s also impossible to verifywhether if an iOS app was compiled from the original source.

Web browser

  • Apple Safari
  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
Use a combination of Tor Browser and a free web browser of your choice to the surf the web.Try to use Tor Browser as often as possible. Browsing is slower with Tor, but far more secure.Note: Mozilla Firefox is technically not completely free software, as Mozilla recommends non-free add-ons on their website.

Web browser add-ons

  • CryptocatPrivate, encrypted online conversations.
  • Adblock EdgeBlock advertisements on the web.
  • DisconnectStop third-party sites from tracking you.
  • HTTPS EverywhereEncrypts your communications from thousands of websites.
  • MailvelopeOpenPGP encryption for webmail.
  • NoScriptOnly enable JavaScript, Java, and Flash for sites you trust.
  • WebPGGnuPG/PGP in your browser.
Safeguard your privacy and stop websites from tracking you by installing Adblock Edge, Disconnect, HTTPS Everywhere, and NoScript in your browser.Why not Adblock Plus? Adblock Plus shows “acceptable ads” by default, and uses more memory than Adblock Edge.Why not Ghostery? Ghostery is a proprietary plugin. UseDisconnect instead.
  • Google Search
  • Microsoft Bing
  • Yahoo! Search
  • StartpagePrivate, unlogged web searches.
  • DuckDuckGoAnonymous, unlogged web searches.
  • Seeks ProjectOpen decentralized platform for collaborative search.
  • YaCyDecentralized web search.
Startpage is proprietary, hosted in the USA/Netherlands, and provides you with anonymized Google search results (including images).DuckDuckGo is partly proprietary, hosted in the USA, and provides you with anonymized Bing search results.Pick your poison.

Email services

  • Google Gmail
  • Microsoft Outlook.com
  • Yahoo! Mail
  • Autistici/InventatiA full range of free, privacy-aware services. approval-required
  • BitmessageEncrypted, decentralized email server. beta
  • RiseupSecure and private email accounts. invite-only
  • Tor MailTor Mail is a free anonymous email service provider. Tor users only
Riseup is hosted in the USA, in case that matters.Tor Mail: Carefully read the introduction page.Why not Hushmail? See “compromises to email privacy”.Freedom-friendly email services are oxymorons. The only way to have control over your email is to run your own mail server. This is not for everyone though, as it requires considerable time investment and technical knowledge.

While not complete yet, the FreedomBox project is aiming at creating a turnkey solution for encrypted communications.

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10 responses to opt out from data surveillance program

  1. Unfortunately, that isn’t the only data that the NSA is collecting. Of course, that is what the government and the corrupt corporate main stream TV media wants everyone to think and focus on, that it is about emails, search engines, and up/downloads. No, no, no, it is about this.



    MEMS are pressure sensors used to measure and provide (data) about the physical energies in and the surrounding environment. Especially, heat and electricity. What is the biggest contributor that gives off energy for MEMS to record and report data without the knowledge of the people?


    Yes, that is the (data) that the corporate main stream media refuses to report on. Because, MEMS is one of the major tools used for extracting and reporting data.


    So it really doesn’t matter what search engine is used.

    • I Disagree
      The network operator does not control access.
      (Nor, of course, does the end user.)
      The government and the developer have two choices:
      • The developer designs the software, product or service so that the developer itself controls the access feature and individually responds to each governmental request for access, making a case-by-case decision about the legal validity of each such request.
      • The developer provides the government or some intermediary with the requisite capabilities to access user communications without any further cooperation from the developer.

      requiring that developers build monitoring capability into end-user software and equipment .

      It Will Not Be Possible to Block Non-Compliant Implementations from open source.
      The nature of Open Source software is that people take it, make small modifications, and redistribute. To provide two especially relevant examples, Iron26 is a fork of Google Chrome that focuses on improved privacy, and the Tor Project27 maintains its own version of Firefox that is designed to allow private anonymous communications
      on the Internet under extremely adversarial conditions, such as dissident users in Iran or China.
      If U.S. software vendors are forced to introduce wiretap capability, it seems certain that there will be non-U.S. forks of popular open source communications packages that do not allow such access.

    • Two users who desire unmonitorable communications need only
      download secure foreign-made versions of one of the major browsers and they can make secure calls using exactly the same infrastructure as those that must use compliant versions.
      any user who is concerned about monitoring — including many potential monitoring targets — would obtain and use an unmonitorable version of a given product or service.

      • Well, that is OK if you disagree. However, you may want to search the term (SICINT) Signals Intelligence

        The Signals Intelligence mission of the NSA has evolved into a program of decoding EMF waves in the environment for wirelessly tapping into computers and track persons with the electrical currents in their bodies. Signals Intelligence is based on fact that everything in the environment with an electric current in it has a magnetic flux around it which gives off EMF waves.

        See, that is where those MEMS/biosensors come in handy. Especially, for extracting eeg brain wave activity. That information is known as bioinformatics that is retrieved from your PC or any electronic device, which is known as Big Data, gets stored in either in a public or private quantum cloud data base. (SaaS) or (ITaaS)

        I have posted numerous articles in the ‘technology forum’ describing the neuroscience technologies, such as; neuroengineering, neuromarketing, neuroeconomics, FMRI, NIR, optical tomography/terahertz, nanophotonics, (BCI) brain computer interface, (AI) Artificial Intelligence, predictive/behavioral analytics, synthetic telepathy, and ect. How do you think their getting all that information?

        In reality, the government could give a crap less what search engine people use, that is just a psy-op from what their really doing. However, I do appreciate your information posted, but their main objective is retrieving your private biometric/biological information in real time, without anyone’s knowledge.

        They also have Signals Intelligence Remote Computer Tampering. Basically, it is listed as a 802.11 remote override switch in your pc, government can access your computer at any time and monitor your activities. Because, the 802.11 is also in DVR’s. Do you remember when people were complaining that they recorded certain shows and it was deleted from the DVR’s memory? How do think that happened? Well, now you know.

  2. Don’t forget ixconverter.net. It acts like a youtube proxy by letting you save the videos from their own server. Then you can re-upload the videos later after they’ve been memory-holed.

  3. Thanks for researching and consolidating this info, Rosso~

  4. Thank you for compiling this Data!

    Even thou I have nothing to hide; I have everything to protect!

  5. another excellent private browser is ixquick, no serches are recorded so the feds have no information to retrieve

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