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Oprah’s Soups and Side Dishes Hit Stores This Fall

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August 11, 2017 in Activism


The media giant Oprah Winfrey announced her aim to come up with a venture with the food world entity Kraft Heinz to harbinger a line based on a peculiar subject of meals.
The latest show has now received a launch day now. It’s called O’ that’s good and the show intends to modify regular, comfort food in a way that it appeals and also remains nutritional and tasty. On this new venture Oprah had to comment,” This product line is real, delicious food with a twist.”

The venture was initially supposed to be called Mealtime Stories. It will feature refrigerated food and ready to make food items. For instance broccoli cheddar soup and veggies such as cauliflower along with mashed potatoes. This is a healthy replacement of the otherwise sought out cheese with butternut squash.
The first set of meals in the show includes side dishes and Scopus bereft of any artificial additions, dryers or flavors.

This way the so called ‘nutritious twist’ could be injected in the show. Hitherto there have been a set of 8 dishes prepared to be aired. This includes a creative combination of two pastas, tomato soup, and garlic mashed potatoes and baked soups. This innovative initiative suggests viewers to just buy MREs (Meals ready to eat) and create amazing combinations to add a different flavor to their daily meals.

For Winfrey who is now all set with the supermarket aisle, there is a possibility that the viewers will get a glimpse of her grocery selections in the show.
Winfrey further expounded that this venture started with a basic idea of cauliflower mashed potatoes which later inspired her to begin a twist in taste which is now the charm of this to-be-out show. She was busy whipping some cauliflower at her dinner table when suddenly out of the blue an idea popped out in her head, “What if I used a portion of the mashed potatoes and added the cauliflower.”

These amazing products will be out in groceries by October of this year. These soups and side dishes will be perhaps priced below $5. The sale of these products in Canada remains to be uncertain for now. The star of the aired show will be none other than Oprah herself. This isn’t the first time when Winfrey was involved in the promotion of a healthy lifestyle living for her viewers. She has a history with health care. The best example lies in her previous show Weight Watchers, in which Oprah was a spokesperson.

She bought 10% stakes of that show and still appears in its ads. Although she clarified that there will be no reference of that show or any weight related subject. Her already established image with healthy living is a boon for this particular show.

It is no surprise that Winfrey has marked an etch amongst families through her various spectacular shows, like her own flagship OWN and magazines. Now families can witness her presence in the matters pertinent to their platter and refrigerator.

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