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Now we have heard Mark Dice -Any response from Alex Jones?

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November 26, 2012 in Activism


(NOTE: I keept getting a “forbidden” error that I couldn’t get rid of for what ever reason and is why I deleted the other topic and now try to post this one instead with proper title + tags)

Now we have heard Mark Dice -Any response from Alex Jones?
Until then, let’s just call myself undecided:

Mark Dice wrote:

Alex Jones and I’s falling out explained. In April of 2011 I was expecting a payment from Big Brother and it was almost two weeks late and when I called and asked for the check, he flipped out and told me to fuck off and said he’d pay me the following month instead because of a misunderstanding about the terms of my payments. I owed that money to the IRS within days because April 15th was right around the corner. I explained this and calmed him down, and got him to send the check but then he still turned his back on me and dumped all my other books which he carried for the last three years and never had me on again even though we agreed it was just a misunderstanding. I was very hurt at the things he said to me on the phone and how things went down. Imagine one of your role models telling you to fuck off and that they wish they never dealt with you, and all over a misunderstanding that should have been easily fixed.

That was April of 2011, and after six years of being a regular on the show every few months, all of a sudden I stopped getting asked to come on, and he stopped stocking my books after our misunderstanding, which we supposedly got through, but apparently he still decided he was done with me. That’s the gist of it. Not wanting to bite the hand that feeds me, I kept this to myself hoping not to piss him off any more than he already was at me. Then over the next six months or so, I see his business model change from selling DVDs to Multi-Level Marketing vitamins and infomercial weight loss claims and so I started giving my analysis on this along with the lead, mercury and arsenic in the Kool Aid he was pushing. No longer putting him on a pedestal as I had for years I clearly started seeing him hype things up I knew weren’t accurate and sensationalize half-truths and misunderstandings (i.e. getting a phone call from the NSA, when in reality it was a prank using a caller ID spoofer).

In my opinion he has to do everything he can to increase his web hits and increase ad revenue because he has so much overhead since the infowars studios grew so big with such a large facility. He’s a conspiracy shock jock entertainer basically, that’s why “everything” is a conspiracy and he doesn’t debunk anything because that’s not fun and exciting radio like talking about how a Swat Team is going to come to your house at any moment to confiscate your guns.

Then I just found out he blocks me from his YouTube channel so his videos don’t show up on my homepage anymore. I only commented two times on any of his videos over the years, so I wasn’t even debunking him in the comments section there or even really commenting at all. I believe they just wanted to take preemptive action to make sure I wouldn’t do that when they heard I was making fun of his Kool-Aid, Beyond Tangy Tangerine and that I wasn’t going to be intimidated into keeping my mouth shut anymore. So, I believe it all comes back to money again. I think he was pissed that my talking about the Kool-Aid would hurt sales and so they blocked me on YouTube. There’s a little more to it than this, but this is pretty much the gist of what happened.

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5 responses to Now we have heard Mark Dice -Any response from Alex Jones?

  1. In closing, Alex Jones does not have to explain himself to the likes of podcasting going nowhere Mark Dice!

  2. I feel both men have their hearts in the right place, but I have to ask myself if the message is starting to take a backseat to the money. I hope not, for the sake of every infowarrior out there as Globalism is a very real menace to all of our futures.

    • Alex Jones has 50+ employees and contractors. How many employees does Mark Dice have? I sure people would get over this fantasy that if you do 3 hours of high quality radio 6 days a week and have websites with HUGE amounts of traffick that that money is not goint ot be made. Takes money to pay quality tech, graphic art people and radio engineers to produce what Alex Jones puts out!
      It’s not like he is doing some podcast out of his mom’s basement you know! People need to quit being so damn immature and just read the info the guy puts out or do you think Alex Jones info would be more accurent if he was a financially broke pauper?

  3. Problem I see here is that Beyond Tangy Tangerine works, therefor you are interfering with a good thing. Once you have used this product and seen it’s effects in other people, everything you say becomes hot air. You attack the weight loss angle, but the product itself does not advertize weight loss; it is a vitamin and mineral supplement. This weight loss thing is just something they noticed in the office.
    For me, it corrects several problems I was having; joint pains and headaches to name two of them. It also gives me energy, which helps me to cut down on caffeine which in turn help me sleep.
    /begin ramblings
    Your facts are wrong on several points. This product stems from veterinary science, not MD ‘science’. The soils are depleted of most of the minerals. Fertilizer supplies the two nutrients that plants need. Animals and humans need far more than two. Crop rotation isn’t needed when fertilizer is available.
    Your ‘suggestion’ on the NSA call Alex’s crew member got was less believable than what Jones said. At least he told us about it. You are poo-pooing it away just because it COULD be a spoof/joke.
    Final point, who was it that has guided modern medicine to where it is today? Hint, their symbol is behind you through out the video. Seems that in this one case you would rather believe main stream science over what has been known throughout veterinary science for generations.
    Seems that someone here has been drinking the wrong kool-aid. ;)
    /end ramblings
    Question to the infowarriors out there: What is up with Mark Dice? Is there a story out there? Did he sell out? I don’t know much about him and have not read his book, so anything would be appreciated.

    • Dude, people like that will find a reason to attack anything that actually works because either they are pushing their own products and feel they can get somewhere by throwing someone else’s product under the bus or they are just lazy fucks that don’t want you living life to it’s fulliest!

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