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New petition to Whitehouse…

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January 3, 2013 in Activism


I’ve started a petition to abolish “executive order” powers by the president. Of course it will be ignored, but at least it might get people to think about WHY we allow him the dictator power to bypass Congress and “legally” destroy our Constitution. Just think about all the damage Bush and Obama did to our country through the use of executive orders, and how Obama will probably use it to destroy the 2nd Amendment… and yet NO ONE even talks about it.

If we can get people thinking/talking about this apparently taboo subject, perhaps someday we can actually PREVENT these treasonous acts by fraudulent presidents, instead of feebly attempting “damage control” after the fact.

The petition needs 150 signatures before it will be publicly posted on the Whitehouse petition page. So please, fellow warriors, go sign it now to help get the public thinking BEFORE we forever lose the 2nd Amendment to yet another “executive order”. And be sure to post/pass on this link for others to sign….



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