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Needs Patriot Writers for Website

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February 19, 2013 in Activism


Hello Friends of Liberty.

I cannot guarantee big money or anything. I am looking for diverse and skilled writers who embrace the freedom of speech and the courage to speak their minds who are of like mind, I have a website called the Lone Star Watchdog   Feel free to check it out. You are free to monetize you writings if you want to join me. If you decide to join me there are a few terms I need you to abide by.

1. No calls for violence against the government or nay group of race, creed, religion,

2  No Pornography.

3 All content has to be the writers

4 No copyright infringements.

5. I want to over time try to sell ad space and need someone who knows WordPress. The revenue generated can be shared. You will be required to have a PayPal account for revenue sharing and contact information so we can meet and share idea expanding this website.

6. You must be a resident of Texas

If you see the potential of this website and want to be a part of it please send an email to userupdates@thelonestarwatchdog.com or call me at 979-705-5365and ask for George.

Thank you

The watchdog.

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  1. Just so you know. I followed your link, and was met with 403 forbidden (continuously). I would have liked to submit my feelings for your perusal to include, but apparently, we don`t share the same world. Good luck with it in my absence, and I look forward to seeing your forum grow

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