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‘natural’ adversaries and reinstating humanity

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August 7, 2017 in Activism


Here’s geopolitics simplified and there’s a very significant conclusion. Religion is mostly based upon region, surrounding influences and pressure to conform. The world of Islam and the world of Christianity are naturally in direct conflict with each other. I don’t know what to make of Christianity as a whole, it’s so divided we aren’t even able to agree on the basics. That’s better than everyone agreeing on the wrong thing but it’s still overall a bad sign. As for Islam the majority of them are all in agreeance. They are in open admission of a violent takeover and forcing all under their rule. Christianity stated mission was to spread the Gospel yet strayed away from that when they too were guilty of such, usually under the orders of the crown or pope trying to seize more power. Islam doesn’t deny the existence of Christ but underhandedly says he is a false messiah. Obviously Muhammad was real but anyone with good sense will know the he is the false prophet, considering what he did/taught and no other ‘prophet’ ever had such a large following before. With so many Muslims taking on the name ‘Muhammad’ that just makes the cult-like following that much more obvious. It’s well known their jihad is very suicidal. They don’t care so much about who they kill, they just want as much death as possible. If their god was so great you’d think they’d get the concept of omnipotence. It’s probably only a matter of time before one of them decides to be the ultimate suicide bomber, smuggles in a nuke to a highly populated area, and it’s gonna make 9/11 look miniscule in comparison–which by the way people within top levels of the government back then helped perpetrate, if not were responsible for designing the entire tragedy. That brings me to my next point… as has already happened in other once Christian countries, soon it will be a ‘matter of national security’ to even be critical of Islam. Basically saying if speaking truths and living free provokes someone who is inherently oppressive/violent than they’re claiming that it’s not allowed. Sounds a lot like the ‘government’ themselves; they just as much want the public to be quiet, obedient, and never organize to take appropriate actions. Freedom is a direct threat to any power structure. So back to my initial point about the vast difference of how Islam and Christianity are supposed to be spread according to the words written in those books. Islam is forceful and Christianity is optional. Islam spreads through oppression and Christianity is meant to be spread ideologically, meaning that it’s been up for open debate and up to the individual to believe however they choose to or not. If we keep going down this path the world is heading towards mutual destruction. As one could imagine, considering what’s going on between the USA and Russia, there’s a lot of different groups who would be highly interested in the two largest mostly Christian nations to destroy each other… kinda saves them the trouble doesn’t it? I’ve said it before, yet people tend to look to the authorities instead of listening to the advice of a supposed nobody like me no matter the intelligence. If the threat of Islam is to diminish than it must happen ideologically and by that I don’t mean reform but through undeniable facts. I have the key, it’s letting the world know about my findings on planetary formation unveiling how earth is created. I don’t need a simulation to prove it, just take a look for yourselves. This isn’t a promotion but a very important and logical proposal to help enlighten everyone even the dimmest of people. We can advert a lot of conflict once people witness just how much everyone on this earth is in it together.

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