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My tips to start painting

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September 8, 2017 in Activism


Do you want to let your emotions talk? Want to express your ideologies? Want to share a message artistically? Do some painting! And if you have ever attended art classes (remember paintings with your fingers at the small school), you can already say that you already know a little about the basics of painting. Let us deepen together this initiation in this article.

What kind of painting would you like to do?

Before you start, you need to know the kind of paint you want to make. To do this, you have to take into account a few important points: the type of art you like, the time you want to spend on this project, your workspace, and your budget.

The watercolor painting will only apply on special paper that does not bulge by swelling, and that does not bend in contact with water. You will not have many alternatives for the support, unlike other forms of painting. You will find the watercolors in the form of tubes and small cubes of paintings. A watercolor painting kit is worth between 50 and 100 euros.

Acrylic paint is another form of painting. It is based on the use of water and benefits from a fast drying time and offers a low odor. If you want to start and finish your paint in one day, this is the type of paint you need. By superimposing several layers of paint, you can achieve an exceptional 3 D effect. And since it’s water-based, you can remove stains on your work surfaces and on your clothes. But there is still a small problem. Acrylic dries so quickly, and sometimes this may be a brake for some techniques like color mixing.

The oil painting is also added to this lot. It offers a long drying time which allows you to correctly apply certain techniques that require a lot of precision. To dry an oil painting, count at least month. If you have passion and patience, I advise you to turn to this option. However, since oil paint is toxic enough, you must install a ventilation system in your workshop.

Once you have found the painting style that suits you, you can choose the paint brand. The typical mistake of the beginner is to turn to cheap paintings. But you will have better rendering if you buy quality materials.

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