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Morgan at it again – More Alex Bashing @ 9 est on CNN

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January 8, 2013 in Activism


Just saw the announcement on CNN. The commercial said something like “Now the fallout from last nights debate”.

I guess it’s more Alex bashing behind his back.  He must’ve enjoyed the ratings from last night too much.

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9 responses to Morgan at it again – More Alex Bashing @ 9 est on CNN

  1. Let’s impeach Obama for protecting a foreigner. Help sign my petition and spread it. Thank you


  2. Can’t believe a guest on the show just threatened Alex’s life, with a gun,no less. A whole show of morons in answer to a 6 minute Alex rant last night.

    • Remember, these are all people who think it’s ok for the US government to be referred as “a regime” like Piers did last night.
      It’s clear how they think and clear on what side of the fence they’re on.

  3. Considering it looked as if Alex did exactly what they expected him to do…..Can you really blame them for Alex making himself look like a fool on national television?

    • If passionately standing up for your rights makes you look like a fool, then I guess that means our entire constitution is based on the ideas of the fools who created it for you.

      • In my opinion acting passionate towards something and acting like a child on national TV are two different things. I’m sorry our ideas aren’t the same. I still like Alex, but I feel disappointed. You can’t tell me that the Brittish accent wasn’t a bit childish…..come on…..I mean COME ON!

        • There’s no law against acting like a child on TV. That’s what TV is for – ACTING. I think during that point, he was poking fun at Piers in a way to say “Stop asking about these ridiculous details which have nothing to do with anything” – Hence pierce asking about Alex’s point of view on 9/11.The whole time if you notice, Piers was simply trying to tear down Alex’s credibility….and eventually Alex got tired of it i think and started with the accent as if to say “Just because you ask me these insignificant details with your British proper accent doesn’t make them any more relevant.”

  4. Madison from endthelies .com was bashing him today on Vinny Eastwood

  5. The red coat riding the coat tails of INFOWARS!

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