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January 18, 2013 in Activism


I write this as a proud pagan.  With our current situation as a country and the inpending failure we find our selves facing  we ask our selves what and where are our morals. This upsets me because we flock to religon to try to find them . Cristians would  flock to God not knowing the oppresore use buz words like God  and satan to put us agianst each other.  As a witch I can honesly say i dont know any satan and i belive that having out thoughts in that relm keeps us from god and mother earth. I remember on day listening to a top excecutive on justice economy and what was said was it they were make more money they can create jobs jobes help secure families wich meets a means a good and got a whole 3 generations to think thats ok  but we learn just how our monetary system works and in the end  we are part of a great wheel of despare in the world . I am Not a christan but i am a verry spritual  person and it dose my soul harm to know that we destroy the verry mother we live one and we so much harm tho others though the very mechanisim of our economy. so first off that is the morality we have now and what should be embracing? The reason i have chosen to be who i am is a moral on in that we have as humanity a a serious dissconnect  because of our egos and we have been hipnotised in to thinking that if it dosent make dollars it dosent make sense (cents). This is not a world that i built  but we live in it but what  do we do is it patculaly moral in this world we live in to live till you die?  We all feel the gaping hole in our souls the thing is we dont understand why that is. the first step is ask yourself what do i belive  what do i soupport  But first we must awaken from the night mare the rich call prspering.  to know the light is to know the dark not walk in the dark throught ignorace but know where your actions will cal harm.  As a witch we must know this be cause we pay for what we do and what we do not do . And rember if  you work for them you are as a part of the machine as a solder.

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