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Livestream for CNN piers morgan vs Alex Jones for tonight 1/7/2013

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January 7, 2013 in Activism


MakAElectric will be hosting the stream


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10 responses to Livestream for CNN piers morgan vs Alex Jones for tonight 1/7/2013

  1. Everybody has to understand that anyone who is already completely brainwashed and rallying behind snakes like Piers “boot licker” Morgan are not asleep they are completely brainwashed and it is very very unlikely that they will be deprogramed via any guest on his show. Don’t you get it? 5 maybe 10 percent of the viewers watching tonight are the total of Morgan’s regular viewers the other 95 percent was us. In other words that wasn’t meant for them it was a war cry for us. We need to quit complaining about the handful of warriors that we have. We have to stand up and join the fight before it’s too late!

  2. Well this is my take on it…a debate would have been nice. Exchanging facts…wielding the english language in a respectful way. But I can understand the angst. However, as I have read many reviews of this confrontation…many now believe Alex is a double agent. Not many people know of manipulations in this field. If this is real Alex Jones…Dude, I don’t know what went on in there…

    • What are you talking about? What reviews by whom? Alex only did what Piers does to his guests regularly and talked over him with useful facts that most CNN viewers have probably never heard. What did you want him to say? You expected Alex to act civil on the Piers Morgan show? How many of us thought that would happen?

  3. Well, it wasn’t pretty, I was kind of aquirming the whole time. It was Alex in Alex form. For a moment it did remind me of Hal Turner who tried to paint patriots as White Supremacists (it was later uncovered he worked for the FBI). Alex almost looked cartoonish, but it was the same Alex who broadcasts every day on the radio. When I used to watch Bill O’Reilly I remember him telling the difference between radio and TV because he used to do both, and he said on TV he is in people’s living rooms. So think about it, if someone is sitting there shouting in your living room, it is a major turnoff. On the radio it is different. But think about what Alex did–he got so a TON of facts out there that are now being reprinted in media, on the drudge report, etc. When people read his info they can now take time to see he’s telling the truth, check his facts, etc. Alex accomplished sooo much in a very short amount of MSM time.

  4. WHY ALEX?! WHY?! You had the platform and instead of keeping your cool and schooling piers as well as inform Americans you blew a head gasket and made yourself as well as the rest of us look crazy! It was their plan the whole time, well mission accomplished. I still love Alex but damn was I horrified while I watched.

  5. let me preface my remark by saying I do love AJ and believe he’s sincere, HOWEVER…..

    I teach presentation skills and find it hard to believe that someone with 15 years airtime and tons of interview experience can implode like that. This wasn’t an opportunity squandered, it was more like a handing Piers AND the MSM their next billion in bailouts wrapped in a bow. Makes me wonder if Alex isn’t surreptitiously working for the other side….he’s too smart to be a dupe.

  6. I agree. I was a bit disappointed with Alex’s approach. To borrow a phrase from Obama, this could have a a very powerful “teaching moment.” However, Alex chose to shout Morgan down. I get why he did it. Morgan was going to run through a string of questions that led to simplistic answers that would have painted a simplistic view of the topic. Alex wanted to bypass this tactic and get at the meat of the issue, exploring all the data and the implications. However, rather than take the time to calmly explain Morgan’s tactics and get to the real issues, Alex ranted and raved. That’s fine on his show, but he doesn’t make a great impression on people with that kind of behavior. Furthermore, since Alex was first to speak, it gave Morgan, who acted uncharacteristically calm, an opportunity to make a mockery of Alex and the entire movement. Alex’s facts were good, but his approach was wanting.

  7. I think his demeanor was correct. He went after that limp noodle like a Yankee Doodle, and he retreated.

    Here is an article already out about the interview:

  8. i think it reflects the frusturation the guy feels – but yea you cant feed the troll so to speak -

  9. I like Alex as much as anyone and he only makes valid points… Yet, when he is being interviewed by a twerp like Piers Morgan, Alex goes haywire… I am just as frustrated as anyone else and I completely understand that Alex is the tip of the spear in this infowar but dont you think that he would be able to effectively recruit many more people that are asleep to the NWO with a bit calmer demeanor? He has so much to offer but I believe that he has to be turning off a lot of people because of his immediately confrontational attitude… Everyone here knows that he has forgotten more about the NWO than Piers Morgan will ever know… Does anyone else out there agree or am I just way off base here?

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