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letter to Mr. Seidman

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January 1, 2013 in Activism


Recently, Louis Michael Seidman, professor of law at Georgetown University, has been proposing the idea the American constitution is holding back American progress.

You can read the article by Caroline May from the Daily Caller on Infowars.com at http://www.infowars.com/georgetown-law-professor-scrap-archaic-idiosyncratic-and-downright-evil-constitution/

I just sent him an email, and I propose you as citizens email him as well regarding this issue. I posted my email letter to him, and also his email underneath my letter in this post, in the hopes you’ll send him an email with a similar message.

Email him and let him know what’s what.
Mr. Seidman,

I’ve recently discovered who you are, and I read your recent articles on disregarding the American constitution. I do see your point of view, but I’ll have to say it’s this point of view that can seriously open the door to tyranny.

I don’t know if you consciously work with the globalists. But if you don’t, and you seriously believe the consitution is what’s keeping America from progressing, then I can’t imagine how you could be so careless in your actions and your approach.

The American constitution is not holding back America’s progress. It merely holds the foundation of liberty and keeps tyrannny at bay.

We now face one of the most vital decades in American history, and I think you should seriously reconsider what side of American history you’re on.

As a teacher and a public figure, you’re sending the wrong message.

Your academic teachings and your global goals contradict the very teaching you’re supposed to be upholding.

How dare you, sir, defile the very document that protects America and keeps it strong and free.

I recommend you apologize to the American people, and its founding fathers, and that you step down from your teaching position, and begin a new line of work.

On behalf of all Americans who view the consititution as a golden sword, I crown you, Idiot of the Year.

David Mark Dannov

You can email this academic prick at


You can also email the Chief of Staff at Georgetown University Joseph Ferrara at jaf@georgetown.edu and express your concerns over this issue. You can also email the Hoya Nespaper for the Georgetown University, and write your concerns or just email them your letter at http://www.thehoya.com/feedback

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