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Lets Reverse Un Agenda 21

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February 3, 2013 in Activism


Lets keep Telling the President maybe we can get him to understand,Whats behind the green mask of Un Agenda 21.
Stop “UN-AGENDA-21″ Stop this Diabolical Hyjacking of The 3 Pillars of Control, Ecology,Social Equity,Economy!
Agenda 21 is a non-binding, Voluntarily Implemented Action Plan of the United Nations with Regard to So-Called,Sustainable Development.This is a Diabolical Nightmare Control Mechinism System Grid for all Human Slavery of a Technocratic-Control System that We The People are Witnessing now. This has sparked a New Revolutionary Modern day “Civil Rights Movement Enclave”! All Enslavement to Most Humans, except The 1% at the very top of Society,The Chinese Model Slavery Fastrack Tyranny System of Control. Everybody is seeing or hearing this first hand in Citys,Counties,States,Countrys Globally! Officials Window Dressing in False Paradigmns for aTotal 1 World Goverment Takeover for a Global Enslavement,All Officials Must Reverse Course that seems Normally Functional, truly Disfunctional.


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