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KOG….Where Judgment begins…

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February 11, 2013 in Activism



Where does the judgments of God begin? Does it fall first upon just or upon the unjust?  On the good or the bad? Or perhaps it falls upon both simultaneously.  Some say God’s judgments falls only upon the ungodly and the evildoer. But is that sound Biblical teaching?  Absolutely not, for God’s rain falls upon the evil and the good.   But the question I’m raising is not about who is judged, believing as I do that all are included, but as to the order of judgment.  If in fact there is an order is to be discerned within the pattern and design of God’s judgment scenes, as recorded in the scriptures.  There is in fact a divine order in which judgments are carried out.  An order that’s completely in line with the overall goal and objective of the Word of God.  Once the overall objective of God’s word is fully understood, then one will see that it can be no other way, than the judgments of God beginning with the just.  Or as some might say;  “the house of God”

So then what is the overall objective of the Word of God?  Why did God bring it into existence for us?  To what end was it created? To what purpose was it fashioned?  Does the Bible have stated goals and what is the endgame?    Let me give you the spiritual answer because it answers all and covers all.  Understanding Jesus as the Word of God in the flesh, spiritually speaking, the Word of God was sent to reveal unto us the Father, to restore a right relationship with the Father, to bring healing to our lives, to bring us out of darkness and into the light, to raise the dead to life, to spiritually endow, to usher in a new and better way of life and to bring forth a people to walk before him as instruments given for the salvation of humanity.  This why it was sent and given, but what is the goal, the endgame, the objective, the final outcome of it’s influence and impact upon humanity?  Well let’s let God himself answer that question for us, for he says;   “I HAVE SWORN BY MYSELF, the word (Bible) is gone out of my mouth in righteousness, and shall not return (fail to accomplish it’s mission) , THAT UNTO ME, EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW, EVERY TONGUE SHALL SWEAR”.  Isa 45:23   and  “For it is written, AS I LIVE, saith the Lord,  EVERY KNEE SHALL BOW TO ME, and EVERY TONGUE SHALL CONFESS TO GOD. (Rom 14:11)   Check what God is saying; “I have sworn by myself”, there’s no higher assurance that can be offered and “As I live” , or unless any one of you or anything can came up here and take me out, my authority over humanity “will be established” upon the earth.   The ultimate goal, the objective and the endgame of the Bible is to establish the authority of God over his creation thru human instrumentality.  And this servant class people and nation must be purged and purified and refined in the fire before their oppressors and their afflictions ceases.  So then the Judgments of God begins with those chosen of God as chastisable sons and daughters, before their enemies are humbled made a footstool under the feet of the risen Christ.

This is the Heavenly Agenda of the Bible that’s being fulfilled, before our very eyes.  This renders “all” the evil agendas of men under the sun as subordinate and a part of the Agenda from heaven.  A sovereign God cannot be divorced from our reality.  This means that the NWO agenda was raised up by God himself, as the instrument of his will.  God’s instrument to take the world out to the woodshed until we bow the knee and repent of our ways.   Therefore the Bible is not a grand drama of good vs evil or God vs the Devil, as some suppose.  No, the main activity we find God engaging in is the bringing forth a people to walk before him and be his instrument in saving the world and reestablishing his authority over humanity, the pinnacle of his creation.  See for yourself or ask your pastor if this is not true. From the call of Abraham to the mystery of the Church, it’s all been about the calling and preparing of servants.  It’s been about raising up a righteous nation to be an example to the world.   If the Devil, which can be resisted by us, Satan, can be be told to get behind us and the Demons,  which can be cast out are no real problem for the saint?  What makes us think that God is engaged in a grand struggle with them?

The overall goal of the Bible leaves no room for a taking away (rapture) of the good.  The objective of the Bible relegates the forces of evil as subordinate to the will and purpose of God. The purpose of the bible is the salvation of humanity.  And we are getting our asses kicked because we have lost the ability to hear God’s voice speaking out of the midst of the fire in our lives.  Therefore the call to repentance is not being heard.

But fret not, for many are awakening to our reality and are near ready to heed the call to “come out of this world” and it’s ways and yield themselves servants unto the Living God, and the salvation of humanity.   Fear may slam us upon our backs, oppression and depression may brings to our knees, but it’s hope that always gets us back on our feet.


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  1. Please don’t allow yourself to be in a position of having to take the chip! Obamacare care requires us to get chipped and the new immigration bill will require us to get chipped.

    • It seems my friend you are in fear of the wrong God. Government and the laws of men are not our God. I choose to obey God rather then men. Unless your tied down and forcibly chipped you have the choice to say no. But beware, you may be crucified for refusing the chip. Government mandates and the bureaucracies they create have no inherit power over the people. They are only crowned with authority over the people when we yield ourselves servants to obey their decrees and bend to their demands. If we as a nation would come to fully appreciate and practice the principles underlying the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, we would soon realize that we are just as much forbidden to give away our rights and freedoms, as those who are forbidden to usurp them. My advice to you, obey the Constitution and the Bil of Rights and tell the chipsters to go to hell.

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