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KOG…Treasures from the Old and the New…

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February 14, 2013 in Activism



In an earlier article I posted titled;  “Knowing Our God pt.1 The Key”. I argued the case for the existence of a dual thread of understanding within the Word of God. I labored to show the existence of a literal line of interpretation and understanding, and a spiritual line of revelation and understanding.   A literal line of interpretation that addresses earthly matters and a spiritual (heavenly) line of revelation that addresses spiritual matters. I now argue that the difference between the Old Testament writings and the New Testament writings is the most prominent display of this duality within scripture.  I submit to you that the Old Testament writings are an earthly witness of people, places and events that opens to our understanding the spiritual “wonders of heaven” when the parabolic method is applied to research.  I submit also that the New Testament writings are a heavenly (spiritual) record of people, places and events that opens to our understanding the things that are to occur on the earth and our relationship to them.  The spiritual revelations of the Old lifts us up into the heavens, to be equipped with the things of God.  While the spiritual teachings of the New brings us back down to earth to do the same works as Christ, but greater in range and wider in scope..

The Word of God addresses two distinct but intricately interlocked realities.  The spiritual realm and the physical realm.  Which are symbolically represented by the heavens and the earth.  Where one (the earth) is the physical representation (shadow) of the other.  The spiritual realm is the realm of thoughts, ideas, philosophies, etc…, and the physical realm is the realm of human activities based upon these thoughts, ideas and philosophies.  You know,  action follows thought, as in heaven so upon the earth.  The heavens above our head are symbolic of the  religious, political, economic and social thoughts, ideas, philosophies and opinions that influence and have a direct impact upon our lives.  Such as the theory of evolution and the social experiments conceived in the minds of men like Karl Marx, John Dewey and Sigmund Freud.  Thoughts that become fire in the minds of men that seek power, profit and control.  Men that have become rich and powerful, that deck themselves in royalty, with the richest purple and the finest gold. They intoxicate themselves with the wine pressed from the finest grapes, trodden out in the factories of men  Then they piss on our heads while the media tells us it’s raining, with Judge Judy and Dr. Phil telling us;  it’s our fault,  because we went out into the rain, and with Prince, in the background, prancing around our TV screens,  proclaiming to be able to help us laugh thru this purple rain..   This is the heavens that now is, and is waxing old as an garment and ready to be rolled away and replaced by a new heavens, created by God, wherein dwelleth righteousness and the spirits of just men made perfect, or complete in the things of God.  A New Heavens whose shadow will create a New Earth.  For they are aging, the powers of the heavens, the ones whose power resides in these ideals.  A new generation, having learned the lessons of the past is awakening to replace them.

An anointed “forehead” and  an “eye to see” are symbols of our connection to the spiritual realm.  They relate to what we see, perceive and understand.  Our thoughts, what we think, our opinions.  The spiritual realm relates to our MINDS.  An “ear to hear” and the anointing upon the “right hand” are symbols of our connection to our physical reality and our responses to life and our impact upon our reality.  The physical realm relates to our HANDS, our works, our ways.

So I now submit to you that the Old Heavens consisted of the spiritual revelation of the Old Testament.  Wherein we find Jesus as the lamb of sacrifice, the suffering one, the dying one. Therefore the New Heavens were created with the writings and works of the New Testament movement, where we find Christ as the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the conquering one.   We see this interconnection between the heavenly realm and the earthly realm symbolized in the vision of the Son of Man (Rev 1:9-20) standing in the midst of seven golden candlesticks (which are representative of the assemblies giving light upon the earth), with seven stars in his right hand (being representative of the source of spiritual revelation).  Revelation provided by the Son of Man thru the works and writings of Paul the apostle, which he addresses to seven separate churches.  The spiritual writings of Paul gives the “heavenly record” of the New Testament movement, while the writings of the others gives us the “earthly witness” of the movement. Jesus being the source of all and the Son of Man in heaven the provider of all.  Paul emphasizes and concerns himself mostly with what we think, whereas; the writings of Peter, John and the others emphasizes what we do.

I hope I have helped to open your mind to the possibility of a spiritual revelation hidden within the Word of God and the dual manner in which God addresses our thoughts and our ways.  I tell you these things, because I feel the day is steadily approaching, when the “shaking of the heavens”  shall have left none but the righteous to remain, and a gentle, life-giving rain, falls gently from the New Heavens.  Therefore let us continue the fight in the infowar, which is the “war in our heavens” and rid ourselves of this evil purple rain..

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