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Knowing Our God pt.1 The key

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January 28, 2013 in Activism


If I have told you “earthly things”, and ye believe not, how shall ye believe, if I tell you of “heavenly things”?  (Joh 3:12)

Jesus here; in this passage,  reveals that his teaching ministry consisted of speaking of “Earthly things” and “Heavenly things”.  Earthly things being understood by this writer as our physical reality.  Heavenly things being understood as our spiritual reality.  The heavenly things, according to scripture,  are as a hidden mystery unto our understanding,  requiring a key to be unlocked.  Jesus provides us the key to the mysteries of the  kingdom of Heaven and the hidden things of God.  But where and how do we locate this key to open the door to the “wonders of heaven”.   Well its kind of obvious that we must look to Jesus and his works. For unto him was it given to open the door of our understanding to the wonders of heaven and reveal unto us the father.   And what do we find when we look to Jesus and his works?

Firstly,   we find Jesus declaring that his doctrine and teachings were “from above”, from heaven, which he came down out of.  Jesus also declared that the words he speaks are “spirit and they are life”.  These two passages strongly suggest the gospel of the kingdom is delivered unto us by Jesus as a spiritual teaching based upon a spiritual revelation from heaven packaged in an earthly physical form.  Such as a parable.. A doctrine and teaching prepared solely by God, who is spirit, and delivered from heaven (the spiritual realm)  unto his earthly servant (Jesus), as an instrument of his (God’s) work of salvation. Which is further supported by Jesus when he states that one must be born from above (heaven) and born of the spirit to see the mysteries of the kingdom of God,  and that it was delivered unto him what he should speak.  Making it clear that all was of God from heaven and made accessible to men upon the earth thru spiritual agencies.  In this case Jesus being the firstborn of those to follow after.

Secondly,   God want us to become like Jesus in committing our hearts and minds to serving him. In so doing we become “Christ-like” as he (Jesus) was.  Christ being understood by this writer as a descriptive title,  referring to a specially prepared servant,  raised up by God,  to accomplish a mission and do a work prepared of the Father.  When we say we are Christians we are applying this title to ourselves.  We are claiming to be Jesus natured,  spiritually anointed servants doing the appointed work of the Father.   The true work of the assemblies called out from among the lifeless ones and separated unto the causes and purposes of God,  is to make place for,  and allow the spiritual dynamic of the members exercising the various gifts of the spirit,  as given unto the body,  to build up, and edify it’s members, unto all grow unto the fulness and the stature and the measure of Jesus the Christ.  The object of the Church, thru the agency of spiritual anointing, is to produce Christ-like and Christ-spirited individuals, born from the Church’s womb, as servants unto the work of the salvation of humanity,  as prepared by God.

This being said;  and Jesus not personally here to guide and tutor us, Surely God must have made a way for us to receive spiritual revelation and  thru the means given unto us and all the churches to attain this Christ-likeness .  Apart from a supernatural act, Christ-likeness is something that we as members of his body  “grow”  into, maturing in knowledge and understanding over time.  And what is it that produces growth towards Godly things.  The “Word of God”.   Therefore to become like Christ, a spiritually anointed servant speaking the heavenly spiritual words of God and doing the heavenly ordained works of God, one must use the Word of God.  Ingesting it is the one thing we have foremost in common with Jesus and the New Testament saints.  We use the Word of God to renew our minds and “grow” into the image and likeness of Jesus the Christ.  Being born of the Spirit and from above places a high standard upon those being called unto the work of salvation.  Therefore the Bible must provide a means to spiritual revelation, a door to heaven,  and it does. God has hung the key at the very door of the Word of God.

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.   (Gen 1:1)

This passage contains the hidden key to unlocking all the mysteries of the Word of God.  How many times have we read over this passage without fully taking in and appreciating what being said and revealed to us.  Using the key provided to us by Jesus,  in that he being the Word of God in the flesh,  the word that he speaks are spirit and life,  and that he speaks to us of heavenly spiritual things,  and earthly things, in a dual way.  Therefore there’s a duality of revelation and understanding, as separate threads running thru the Word of God. The literal line of interpretation and understanding and the spiritual line of revelation and understanding.  When we read Gen.1:1 we interpret the passage literally and we think of physical things such as the sun, trees and animals. This is the line of interpretation that all men follow to their subsequent understanding of the scriptures. This is the understanding and interpretation from which religion is born.  For Christianity as a system promotes a “way of life”  based upon ethical laws derived from the literal interpretations and applications of the Word of God.  But when we seek for spiritual revelation when reading Gen 1:1 we receive the understanding that in the beginning God created two distinct realms.  Two separate realities. The Spiritual realm (heaven) or the realm of thoughts and ideas (our minds) and the Physical realm (earth) the realm of events and human activities (our hands). Thus revealing to us that the Bible speaks of heavenly matters and earthly matters and the Bible speaks of spiritual things and of earthly things.

The problems is that spiritual things come not by interpretation,  but by divine revelation,  and the illumination of the scriptures by the holy spirit of God. The question now becomes, what method and\or approach should one take to receive of God’s spiritual revelation?  Again, we must look to Jesus in his work as the revealer of the father and the revelator of the mysteries of heaven.  And what method did Jesus use to instruct the multitudes and the disciple unto the things of the kingdom?  He used PARABLES. It is written of him that he consistently used parables to address and instruct the people, for without a parable spake he not unto the people.   Jesus stated;  being that it was given that  the disciples should know and be instructed unto the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, he took them aside to reveal the meaning of the parables unto them privately.  Then he warns them of the importance of knowing the meaning of the parables.  The parabolic method places a larger meaning upon a person, place or event.  Knowing the parables require reflection and meditation and a certain seeking out for meaning and the broader understanding.  As in all things, let the starting point of your journey into the heavens begin with Jesus. The parables given unto him by God are purposefully designed to open unto us all the scriptures. For Jesus reveals that the lesser will lead to the greater when he said unto the disciples;  “know yet not this parable? and how then will you know “all” parables?  Get to know them well and the spiritual thread of revelation running thru Genesis to Revelation will open to your understanding more readily.

Now, think of all the people, places and events recorded in the Old Testament as being parables. Earthly stories and events provided by God to give us a greater and broader meaning when reflected upon, meditated upon and sought out.   A “super” natural understanding  that lies above and beyond that which is at first naturally discerned.  Unlike the the “supernatural” of Hollywood with all it’s scary monsters and things. We look to the super-natural revelation that lies above and beyond the literal interpretations and applications of the Word of God.  For it is written:  “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts”. (Isa 55:9)

We already do this when we think of Joseph and Moses as being “types” of Christ and the exodus as the type of our deliverance thru Christ from the bondage of sin. We just need to apply this thinking to the entire Word of God. So here’s to stating my case, the Bible is a book of spiritual revelation given unto us thru the spiritual illumination of the people, places and events recorded in the Word of God.  Which are sought out by those comparing spiritual unto spiritual and walking not by sight, but by faith in knowing that our reality is being shaped and formed by the Word of God

A little food for thought.  The things occurring upon the earth are the shadow of the things occurring in the heaven. As in heaven, so upon the earth. Therefore from the Bible’s point of view it is impossible for us to truly comprehend our reality apart from spiritual revelation.  I used the above illustrations to point out that God requires our putting on the mind of Christ by seeking spiritual revelation in order to properly comprehend our reality and be on one accord with his will.

Before I leave, I show you a mystery.  It was stated by Jesus that he would ascend into the spiritual (heaven) and be glorified of the Father,  that he would send forth his spirit,  that every eye shall one day see the sign of the Son of Man coming in the clouds of Heaven, and that it is written of him, that if he be not raised from the dead,  then our hope is vain. These four statements may seem disconnected until we consider them in the context of the parable of the life of Christ.  For when Jesus ascended unto the heavenlies and was glorified of the father, he became a “type” of and for the body of Christ.  Everything that happened unto him happened unto the church.  They were anointed of the spirit, and given a work. They went forward preaching the gospel, they were betrayed by the tares that rose up among them and the work and the movement was killed by the Roman powers. After the great falling away from the truth,  when the many followed after the one coming in his own name,  instead of the name of God,  the last few possessors of the spirit imparted unto the church by Christ died out with the passing of the apostle John,  and the true Christ spirit and the truth became buried and entombed under the earthly lies and traditions of those,  who departing from the truth, went forward to rebuild the city of Babylon.

So if the type of the life of Christ encompasses the body of Christ.  There has to be a resurrection of the Christ spirited body of Christ.  A second resurrection in contrast to the New Testament saints who partook of the first resurrection.  Those first resurrected out from among the dead ones to serve the living God where part of the first coming and Old Testament representation of Christ as the suffering lamb given to take away the sins of the world.  The disciples were full aware that they must fulfill the type of Christ and offer themselves as living sacrifices. They knew that they must die for the cause and drink the same cup of fate that their master drank of.  They knew the movement must be killed as their Lord and master was killed. So in order to fulfill the type,  there has to be a second resurrection or calling out from the worlds dead ones of Christ spirited men and women to function as his body upon the earth.  Only this time, Christ returns in spirit not as the suffering one but as the conquering one,  The first movement was Lamb-like and offered for sacrifice. The second movement thru the second resurrection will be Lion-like and will put down all rule and authority, dissolve the corrupt systems of men and usher in the eternal rule and authority of God.   Knowing that God is fulfilling his types which are a part of his Word.  We know that there’s to be a calling out and a calling forth,  of a people to be filled with the spirit of Christ,  as a great movement of the Spirit of God with all power from heaven upon the earth to establish God’s kingdom and authority over his creation.  But if Christ be not raised from the dead in type then this hope lies in vain. But if you have eyes to see this as a word written to be fulfilled by the power and Spirit of God,  and as an heavenly event soon to be shadowed upon the earth,  then you can begin to comprehend the great power and authority that accompanies it’s arrival.  For the spirits sent from heaven to fulfill his will and his Word are like the mighty winds.  No man can stay the wind or resist the hand of God.  Therefore let us look to Jesus as the author of our faith and role model of our salvation.

So then my friends, the key to the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven is in applying the parabolic method of approach to the word of God.  I’m not suggesting that one tries to spiritualize everything word and sentence one reads.  Doing so places one in danger of forcing one’s own meaning and interpretation the scriptures.  Remember God imparts his revelation to worthy diligent seekers.  It’s something given and received not gained.  But fret not, for God loves those who seek his face and the knowledge of his ways.  Be patient for one must grow into the spiritual revelations from God.  And as in all things start with Christ.

If your wondering why I choose to post these article here at infowars.  Well it’s quite simple, for the only difference I see between Jesus and the patriot, both having a heart for service,  is that Jesus had an unshakable faith and the knowledge of the father.

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