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It’s time to ROLL

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December 30, 2012 in Activism


To all Americans and patriots. As sad is it is t say,the time is here to save our republic,to save our country,and to save our kids and grand kids.Blood will be shed,hurt and sorrow will follow,but freedom is not free,not at all.Freedom exists for and by a people that wants it,is willing to fight for it,and most of all,is willing to DIE for it! The time is upon us.The longer we the people wait,the stronger they become,the better defenses they have,the harder it will be.America is awake. The false flags in Col.Wis.And New town have awakened a sleeping giant,as gun sales have shown.All in government now have become targets due to the breaking of the oath that they all took,to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.Stand  now or die wishing you had!!   LET’S ROLL!!!!  Let’s stop these evel people from starting another world war and killing the innocent people whom just want to live they lives in peace.Black,White,yellow,Red or pink,we are all brothers,neighbors and family!! Let’s stand together and take down this eval empire  government.Lets go!!!!

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  1. Amen Brother!

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