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Is Martial Law planned for around OCTOBER 13th of this Year?

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June 27, 2012 in Activism


If something big happens around 9/11 in 2012 ,  then the EVENT is probably planned for around 10/13.
The 9/11 Event could be the Bank Crash or some other significant event.   October is traditionally the month of  Economic crashes.
Something BIG – Serious is getting Ready to happen and SOON!
I wanted to update you on new info. concerning the Cabal.  Yesterday on Sunday, while
out driving around and doing errands, I was listening to my car radio on the talk station
(where I usually also hear the Coast-to-Coast radio show).  To my surprise, Alex Jones’
radio show was being broadcast from Austin, Texas.  Alex was talking about what is
currently up with the Cabal and New World Order.  He was asking police and other law
enforcement members as well as military to call in with any information they had on
upcoming events.
One police officer who called in stated that he was an officer in the St. Louis, Missouri
area.  He said years ago he didn’t believe what Alex was saying about the New World
Order and their plans, but now he says he’s totally convinced about what Alex Jones
has been saying for more than a decade.  This police officer continued by saying that
law enforcement officials are being told that there is an “EVENT” planned for October (2012).  They are being trained to get ready for this “EVENT” which will include military,
and all land and air enforcement.  This officer sounded very scared about what is getting
ready to go down here in the U.S.  He even started crying at one point when Alex Jones
held him over after the commercial break to talk to him some more.
Even though he couldn’t name specifics about the “EVENT” as he said it’s being called,
I’m sure that what he was talking about are the Cabal’s plans for marial law after they
have triggered the economic collapse.
I have been watching all of this real close and feel everyone should be alerted to what
this police officer was talking about.  The Cabal is going to try their martial law.

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