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Is it wrong to obey the Constitution?

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September 5, 2013 in Activism


Hello again my friends,

For as long as I can remember, I have used the term “obey the Constitution” in many of my writings, and as the basis of many arguments.  But today; after watching John Kerry and his war pigs waving around fear flags and dead babies before Congress in order to garner support for an attack upon Syria.  I thought to myself; these fools are not “obeying the Constitution”. Then I suddenly came to realize that the assertion was incorrect.  For in reality, one doesn’t obey the Constitution,  because the Constitution is not a set of dos and do nots for the people, to obey or to disobey.  The Constitution is a document that creates a social, political, economic and religious environment where all may live long and prosper. We don’t obey it, we “uphold it” as the instrument of our freedom and prosperity.  This is what their guilty of. Not upholding the instrument of our liberty and prosperity.  This is an breach of  their oath. This is treason and grounds for dismissal and/or imprisonment.

The greatest thing the Constitution does, which makes it unique among the nations, is that it sets and insures the power and the will of the people, over the power and will of the government.  This is the critical point that led to my new and better understanding of our relationship to the Constitution.  For to serve and uphold the will of the people, from whom the governing/servant class and it’s power is derived, is to uphold and promote the conditions and the benefits the Constitution provides. To my  understanding the will of the people are against war in general,  and  have become very vocal in their opposition to an attack upon Syria. It’s not  as simple as “We the People” being against an attack on Syria. It’s about all these extended years of war making that have depleted our resources, brought sorrow to happy homes, and took away the the freedom and prosperity the Constitution created the environment for.

If these politicians were truly attuned to the heart of the people, they would know this.  But nay, I watched as Kerry and his cronies spewed their venom and their vile, and I beheld as some of the heads around the room nodded wisely,  then proceeded to open their mouths stupidly, speaking in support for war.  Know they not,  that they have been hired to represent the will of their constituents? Know they not, that they are servant sent forth to conduct the people’s business and represent the people interest in the halls of power?  Know they not, that their personal opinion and agendas for or against war  matters not in their call to represent the opinions of their constituents, whether they are in agreement with them or not? Are not they hired to push forward the agenda of the their constituents concerning matters such as this? If the people are calling their Representatives and asking for them to take action on their behalf, is this not then the peoples business?  Is this not the peoples agenda they are hired to put forth? Why do we call them representatives if their not representing the will and desire of the people in the halls of power.

I conclude that these men know that the people are against this attack upon Syria. They know that the people have risen up and are moving against it.  Thus revealing the people’s agenda against war.  This emerging move against an attack is the people’s business that they are paid to get behind and set  forth before the war making powers. Yet I hold them not guilty of disobeying the Constitution.  I hold them guilty of not upholding the Constitution, and the benefits it provides for all.  Especially when they hold not forth its greatest provision for the people in the halls of power,  and that is putting the will, desires and agendas of the their constituents above the will, desires and the agendas of government.

Never again shall I compel men to Obey the Constitution, for it is not to be obeyed, but  “upheld”  by all to its proper place in our nation and its role in our society.


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