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February 13, 2013 in Activism


 Post your comment to  xznvb6@gmail.com to send your email to the Riverside, Ohio  City Council….

My email to the Council and Watch Dog group of 88 people….
Greetings All,
Last Thursdays meeting was a sad day for the residents of Riverside.
Our First Amendment right of free speech to petition the government to redress grievances has been abridged, Several other First Amendment Rights are also abridged. Every resident is affected!
This action emphasizes the dark path the city of Riverside has chosen.
Mayor Flaute, Ken Curp, Steve Fullenkamp, and Beverly Campbell voted against our right of free speech.
The Mayor, Ken Curp, and Steve Fullenkamp were unwilling to make the simple changes needed to make this ordinance non destructive of out Constitutional rights. Simply removing the CANVASSING term from the ordinance, as I suggested, would have solved many problems. Attached is my speech to the Council at the beginning of the meeting, and also attached is the NO SOLICITATION LIST ordinance.
Four people stood up and made speeches against the NO SOLICITATION LIST ordinance; David Cole, myself, my wife Thelma, and Alan Fletcher, No resident was present to support the ordinance.
When the city believes their Constitutional rights are violated, they take action spending hundreds of thousand dollars, the same money that could go toward services, another part of the “city has no money story” they don’t want you to hear…
The city contends the law is unconstitutional because it provides an arbitrary and unjustifiable tax exemption to some government employees and contractors.
The city does not care about the resident’s Constitutional rights …
It is now our duty, and our right to take action to petition our government to redress these abridged rights. These abridged rights are our rights of free speech to take action to petition our government to redress grievances.
As always feel free to leave comments and suggestions.
Kim and Thelma Howell     937-732-4453  xznvb6@gmail.com
Shaun Doerner President and Founder of Resident’s For Riverside’s Future Web Site
http://residentsforriversidesfuture.weebly.com   – WEB SITE
residentsforriversidesfuture@gmail.com           – WEB SITE EMAIL
1487 Deerland St. Riverside, Ohio 45432     937-346-6515  

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