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Imprisoned Against My Will And Subjected To Psychotropic Drugs

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January 15, 2013 in Activism


Please go to http://freedomangel1776.com it will give you a rough idea of what I have been dealing with. They imprisoned me as I am awake and refuse to conform to their way of thinking and are now trying to frame me by having inserted false info into med records. Even as I type this they are doing things to manipulate my typing to prevent me from writing this. Causing capitalization to be activated in the middle of a word. I am under surveillance. I cannot post in Ask Alex group whenever I attempt to do so the browser crashes everytime but works ok elsewhere. They agree attempting to make me look foolish to others. Check website often I will continue as I am not afraid. I stand with Alex. They are attempting to carry out their agenda to lock me up again. I am in no way suicidal violent or threatening. If you here that any of things happen do not believe it.

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  1. When I attempted to type “are trying” wording was changed to agree

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