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Idea To Fix The Economy

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September 12, 2013 in Activism


I have an idea that should, in theory, fix our entire economy within a matter of years.

Here’s how it goes.

I call this the “Stimulus method”.

The government would issue every American citizen over the age of 18 years old who could prove that they are an American citizen with proper documentation, a stimulus check for $5,000.

Then, the people who receive this money, would be required by the government, to put that money back into the economy by investing it in businesses and corporations nation wide. Each person who received the stimulus checks, would then be required to keep receipts that would account for every bit of the $5,000 that was given to them, and at the end of the year, would be required to present the receipts to a local government office located within their area/zip code/County.

As for the businesses that would be listed on the receipts, there would be a blanket requirement that would be broken into 3 parts. For the businesses that received the most from the stimulus money from each American citizen, they would be required to pay the government a blanket amount of 25% of their earnings for the year that were based upon the amounts that were listed on the receipts that each American was required to show to account for how they spent their $5,000. For the companies that received an average mid range amount that was based upon the money accounted for on the receipts presented by those who received the stimulus, those companies would be mandated to pay 15% of the money that they took in for the year that was based upon the amount of money accounted for on the receipts. For the businesses/companies that received the lowest range for their yearly earnings based upon the amount accounted for that was presented on the receipts collected by each American who received the stimulus, those businesses and companies would be required to pay 10% of their yearly earnings back to the government at the end of the year.

This would be a win win situation for everyone in America. It feeds the greed of the United States government, because they would rake in billions of surplus dollars per year based upon the percentages payed out from the companies where the American citizens spent their stimulus. It also feeds the greed of the businesses and companies who would also rake in billions of surplus dollars for the year based also upon the stimulus money payed to them by each American citizen who spent it at their location, and it also helps every single American citizen who received the stimulus money to swim instead of tread water with their bills, and yearly living expenses.

All American citizens who could not account for all of the $5,000 given to them would be required by the government to pay back what they were not able to present when the time came to turn in their receipts. So if receipts were lost, and not accounted for, whatever amount was not presented must be payed back out of pocket by each American citizen who could not account for the receipts not presented. This means extra money for the government as well in those cases.

Everyone in this situation would come out on top, with a surplus of money for everyone. If we practiced this strategy for a certain amount of years, we should, in theory, be able to pay off our national debt, and come out the other side clean.

Add all of it to the taxes that Americans, businesses, and corporations are already required to pay, and we would all end up coming out on top by the end of the year. Or we should.

The yearly earning percentages must be payed out at the end of the year though, by every single business who received any of the stimulus money as proven by the receipts. And it would be the blanket percentage amount of their entire yearly earnings after factoring in how much surplus they made for the year because of the stimulus money that they received.

This should work like clockwork, in that every entity would come out with a surplus at the end of the year, but it might need to be tweaked just a bit to ensure that all 3 parties receive a surplus for the year. The people, the businesses and corporations, and the Government.

It WILL work. It just might need to be tweaked slightly to ensure the guaranteed surplus.

I’m no mathematician so I’ll leave that up to the people who are.

All of the companies and business who took in percentages of the stimulus money payed to them by the American citizens would receive a surplus of money at the end of the year. Better than that though, it would be a centralized amount, only applying to certain companies who took in large portions of the stimulus. Either way though, they would reap in the benefits. Some of them monstrously so. Then, the government would get it’s guaranteed percentage as well, from the total yearly earnings of those companies who benefited the most from the stimulus, regardless of how much they benefited. I don’t see how this could go wrong…..because the amount of money that would be received by each business as according to the receipts would vary, for sure, but it would no doubt be a tremendous amount either way, and, because it would only be certain businesses that would profit more than others, it means that no one knows for sure which businesses would end up receiving the most. Which means that everyone comes out a winner, but some more so than others. The government, on the other hand, gets a set amount from each business who benefited, regardless of how much they took in. The people would also receive their guaranteed benefit. At the very worst, the companies who received the least amount from the surplus money would most likely break even. More so or less.

To ensure that the government receives an even greater return, I suppose that the government could mandate that a certain amount of money be payed back at the end of the year from each citizen that received the $5,000 check as well. A sort of tax on their income at the end of the year. Perhaps a number like $250 or something like that, which would come out of pocket from each citizen who received the $5,000. I’m sure most every American wouldn’t have a problem with that though, paying $250 dollars of their earned income back to to the government in return for receiving the $5,000 stimulus check each year. It would ensure an extra guaranteed benefit back to the government though on top of what they would take in from the percentages that each business/company who received money from the stimulus checks would end up paying them.

What this amounts to, basically, is a guaranteed set surplus of $5,000 to each American citizen, then, a sort of gamble on free money that each company/business would receive from the stimulus money given to each American citizen, with the government receiving a guaranteed percentage from each of the companies who benefited from the gamble. Basically, a bonus to everyone in the end.

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  1. Here is the work that I did with your article. I hope that you like it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2zq89DST8g

  2. The truth is, that it’s in the Devil’s interest to try and prolong his existence for as long as possible. He’s not as eager to be tortured for Eternity as much as people think he is.

  3. I can sum this up quick. Want to fix this, or economy?

    1. block government, from any dealings, with any business. Imprison lobby groups.
    2. Flat all taxes, to the tune, of Five dollars a week, or pro-rated annually, per citizen. <—– non-citizens, are given 30 days to vacate, or get with the program.
    3. re-evaluate all restrictions, to companies, and corporations alike, but strip corporations, of ever documenting themselves, as "individuals. Re-evaluate all business related taxes, gut the fluff, and pork.
    4. abolish the "insurance company" and "medical industry" models. reset the entire model, back to home visits, and cash payments. reserve hospitals, for (extreme emergency) cases only.
    5. Gut the EPA, FDA, and land management boards. With responsible prejudice to known, enviromental dangers.
    6. gut the welfare state, putting a much larger move, to put incentives, on small business builders.
    7. abolish the federal reserve.
    8. Have a ball……

  4. LMAO! Too easy……lol.

  5. They hate us too much to take that method even if it worked. Satan already understands that non Christians would fall back asleep. The thing is though, is that he’s not interested in non Christians. That’s the game changer.

  6. His only concern is to eliminate Christianity from the World, and then to build himself a world of worship. Ultimately, though he’s never admitted it, I think he wants to try and invade and then conquer Heaven as well. He will be cast into the Lake of Fire shortly before he attempts that.

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