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I rat out the cops and doesn’t make a difference!

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August 18, 2013 in Activism


I went to one of my town hall commissioners meetings in my Pennsylvania town a couple months ago and when the issue of lowering the speed limits in an area of the township came up, I explained to the commissioners that thanks to former sheriff’s deputy and Rule of Law Radio Show host Eddie Craig’s 2.5 hour presentation called “Secrets Police Don’t Want You To Know” at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3nok7Cby28 the world now knows that:

1. The statement “driving is a privilege, not a right” is only true if the driver in question is a COMMERCIAL driver, and non-commercial drivers have the right to drive with no license, no insurance, no registration, and no license plate on their car whenever they please
2. It is impossible for a non-commercial driver to be engaging in TRANSPORTATION or be DRIVING because the legal definitions (and not the standard English dictionary definitions which are irrelevant) of those two capital words imply that they only relate to COMMERCE. This also means that it is IMPOSSIBLE for a non-commercial driver to be charged with DUI/DWI since the “D” stands for DRIVING (although a non-commercial driver can be charged with non-transportation crimes like negligence, reckless endangerment, and property damage)
3. It is impossible for a non-commercial driver to be OPERATING a VEHICLE because the legal definitions of those two capital terms also imply that they only relate to COMMERCE
4. The fact that TRANSPORTATION is a COMMERCIAL activity means that it is ILLEGAL for law enforcement personnel to pull over, stop at checkpoints, or issue transportation law tickets to non-commercial drivers. Transportation laws only apply to commercial drivers, period!

I noticed that for some reason, the town police chief was giving me dirty looks as I said this. And ever since I did this I have checked the police reports in my weekly newspaper and for some reason, the police in my town continue to break the law by pulling over and issuing tickets/DUIs to non-commercial drivers.

But in all seriousness, this video holds the key to keeping billions upon billions of dollars in stolen money out of the hands of the corrupt cops, politicians, judges, and car insurance salesmen so it is TOTALLY worth spreading the word about. And I encourage anyone who is reading this to try what I did at your local town hall commissioners meetings. And btw, the fact that Eddie Craig cites Texas-specific laws in this video is irrelevant because the scripts he discusses in this video are valid in ANY NATION ON EARTH!

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