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HELP!! Family Court takes child from mother!!

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February 7, 2013 in Activism


My friend in CA needs help getting her son back! He is now with a foster family when she is perfectly capable of taking care of him herself. A lot of why her son was taken away has to do with her ex. If there are lawyers here from the CA area with family court experience, can you get in touch with me so I can put you in touch with my friend? She just had a visitation with her son and the couple bragged about how many shots they got him in the last week. This is very upsetting. Please, we don’t have a lot of money, and we’d appreciate the help!   Thank you.

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4 responses to HELP!! Family Court takes child from mother!!

  1. The problems is her son is a “ward of the state” since the time she registered his birth. THAT APPLIES TO EVERYONE ELSE TOO. you just don’t realize until you have to, one day in the future, deal with (bad things happen with) the state.My opinion (not legal advice) if I were the parent, KNOWING THE STRAW-MAN stuff, I would per sue COMMON LAW. The lawyers are just money grabbers and part of the corrupt system called the law society. Ask Dean Clifford for his advice. find him at http://deanclifford.info/ Please keep me posted on his response and your decision (route you decide to take).

  2. She needs to be careful not to admit to any kind of guilt. An investigation has to happen then it goes to a judge. I know a kid who talked a younger sibling into making false claims about abuse. They were taken, an investigation done and the kids lost.

  3. wow i feel for you your friend and will pray for her

  4. wish i could help but i’ll bet you mike adams at naturalnews.com knows some ways to detox from the vaccines. good luck

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